Government Depository Maps Used for Geoscience

GovDocs Geology Lib Series Name
A 13.28:   Forest Service Maps
C 55.418/7:   Nautical Charts and Bathymetric Maps
D 5.354:   Print Navigation Charts
D 5.356:   Hydrographic Products (Bathymetric)
I 19.41/6-2:   USGS Catalog of Topographic and Other Published Maps
I 19.41/6-3:   USGS Index to Topographic and Other Map Coverage
I 19.41/7:   USGS Geologic and Water-Supply Reports and Maps
I 19.81:  x (some) 7.5' Topographic Series (Complete set in Maps & Geogr. Lib.)
I 19.85:  x USGS Coal Investigations
I 19.87: USGS Geophysical Investigations
I 19.88: USGS Geological Quadrangle Maps
I 19.89: USGS Hydrologic Investigations Atlases
I 19.90: USGS Mineral Investigations Resource Maps
I 19.91: USGS Miscellaneous Investigations
I 19.92: USGS Oil and Gas Investigations Charts
I 19.93: USGS Oil and Gas Investigations Maps
I 19.98:   1:250,000 Scale Topographic Series
I 19.102:   USGS State Map Series, Planimetric 1:500,000
I 19.103:   USGS State Map Series; Topographic
I 19.104:   USGS State Map Series, Shaded Relief
I 19.105:   USGS State Map Series, Plnaimetric 1:1,000,000
I 19.106:   National Park Series
I 19.108:   County Map Series, USGS
I 19.110:   1:100,000 Scale Topographic Series, USGS
I 19.111/a:   Separate Maps of the National Atlas, USGS
I 19.112:   USGS Land Use and Land Cover Maps
I 19.113:  x Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps, USGS
I 20.47:   Maps and Atlases, Bureau of Indian Affairs
I 29.8:   Maps, National Park Service
I 27.7/4:   Maps (Miscellaneous), Bureau of Reclamation
I 49.6/7-2:   National Wetlands Inventory Maps, Fish and Wildlife Service
I 49..9:   Maps and Charts, Fish and Wildlife Service
I 53.11:   Maps and Map Folders, Bureau Of Land Management

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