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    Acronyms & Abbreviations

    Journal Abbreviations (ISI Web of Knowledge)
    Journal Abbreviations (Chem Abstracts; used by AGU)
    A Dictionary of Quaternary Acronyms and Abbreviations
    Geo-Guide Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Agencies, Organizations, Institutions, Associations

    Other Sources of Geologic Information by State
    Professional Geoscience Organizations
    Professional Societies and Associations in Geology
    Other Professional Organizations - AASG
    Foreign Government Sites - AASG
    UniGuide to U.S. Universities - Aldea Communications
    Geoscience Departments Directory

    Links to DNR Home Pages, USA & Canada



    A Directory of Selected Awards....for the Geosciences

    Bibliographic Resources - Online; Searchable (Free)

    Bibliographic Resources - Online; Commercial; Information About

    Bibliographies and Guides

    Field Trip Bibliographies

    Other Bibliographies

    Guides to Materials

    Guides for Writers


    Conferences and Meetings

    Contemporary the news


    Dating Methods


    Document Delivery

    Earthquakes; Seismology

    Earth Science Week

    Educational Resources

    Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)
    Earth Science Literacy Initiative
    Earth Science World - from AGI (award winning website)
    Geologic Time
    On the Cutting Edge - Teaching resources for geoscience faculty; sponsored by NAGT/DLESE

    K-12 Education

    Exploring Earth
    K-5 GeoSource - AGI
    USGS Repeat Photo Project
    NASA Kids' Club

    Electronic Journals Lists

    Engineering Geology

    Environment and Global Climate Change

    Expeditions (Scientific)

    Canary Islands - The Humboldt Project of European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO): Scientific Voyages to the Canary Islands in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

    Field Camps

    Field Trips


    Secrets Hidden in the Soil - NASA
    Soils in Criminology Links - NASA
    Forensic Geology - SIU Class
    Forensic Geology
    Book Review
    Article abstract
    Devil in the Details - Murray
    Geologist Analyzes Soil Samples to Assist the Search for a Missing Person - USGS
    Military Geology in a Changing World - Geotimes
    Earthquake Technology Fights Crime - USGS

    Full Text Documents

    Funding & Cooperative Agreements

    General Links to Geologic Information

    Geoarchaeology & Archaeology

    See also Dating Methods
    North American Database of Archaeological Geophysics
    Illinois Archaeological Survey
    Archaeological Sites of Illinois
    Cultural Resources Management Bibliography (Illinois)
    Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
    Visit an Archaeological Site


    Geography, Maps, GIS

    GeoPubs - Maps for sale
    Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names(TM)
    GIS Tools Online - Conversion tools from Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
    Google Earth - A 3D interface to the planet; free, but must be downloaded
    Google Maps
    GPS Applications Exchange
    GPS (Global Positioning System) Time Series
    Graphical Locator - Montana State University
    Great Circle Calculator
    Great Circle Mapper
    Great Circle Distance Calculator
    Historic Topographic Maps of California
    How to Find Maps - PSU Earth & Mineral Sciences Library
    Illinois Digital Sanborn Maps
    Index and Inventory of USGS Maps - Available for downloading; Compiled by Arthur Lakes Library at The Colorado School of Mines.
    Interactive World Fact Book
    International Geologic Map of Europe and Adjacent Areas - about the project
    Magnetic Declination Online
    MapHist Discussion Group
    Map History / History of Cartography, WWW Virtual Library
    Mapping the National Parks
    Map Projections
    MapQuest (includes Block Views)
    Maps and Geography of the World - from Mining Co.
    Maps and other resources from the National Geographic Association
    Maps of Mexico
    Maps-L (To join)
    Martin D. Adamiker's TruFlite(TM) - 3D Terrain Visualization
    Minnesota Lake Finder
    National Atlas of Canada Online - Interactive
    National Atlas of the United States - USGS; Interactive

    National Atlas Printable Maps
    The National Map

    National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) - USA

    National Park Maps & Information: See Parks

    North Dakota DEM Data from the USGS
    Odden's Book Marks
    Omni Resources Map Catalog - Maps for sale
    Osher Map Library & Smith Center for Cartographic Education - University of Southern Maine
    Paleomap Project - Chrisopher Scotese
    Perry-Castañeda Library Online Maps - University of Texas at Austin
    Sanborn Maps, Illinois, Digital - UIUC patrons only
    Salt Lake City - Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
    Science Language Technical Team
    A Tapestry of Time and Terrain - USGS
    TerraFly - USGS and IBM
    TerraServer - Topographic Maps
    TopoZone (Online Topo Maps)
    Toporama - Canadian Topographic Maps
    Travel Websites
    TxSpace - The Digital Repository at Texas A&M University
    UNESCO Publishing: Scientific Maps (includes geological, climatic, hydrogeological, tectonic, etc.)
    United Nations Cartographic Section
    USAPhotoMaps - JDMCox Software to download aerial photo and topo map data from Microsoft's free TerraServer
    U.S. Cities and Towns - American Memory, Library of Congress
    USGS Maps
    USGS Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
    U.S. Gazetteer
    New Zealand Place Names
    Canada's Geographical Names
    Links to Place Names Servers - Arizona State University Libraries
    The World of Maps
    World Wind (NASA) - zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth
    Wyoming Internet Map Server


    GeoServ - Terrain Sciences Division, Geological Survey of Canada
    Great Lakes Atlas - Environment Canada
    Maps 101--Topographic Maps, The Basics - Centre for Topographic Information, Natural Resources Canada

    Country Studies

    Afghanistan Country Study and Government Publications
    Background Notes U.S. Department of State
    Country Profiles
    Country Studies
    Government Information and Current News About Terrorism
    Spatial Data Sources - Department of Geography, Ohio State University
    United Nations Cartographic Section
    World Factbook
    Berkeley Earth Sciences and Map Library CDs

    Digital Map Data (GIS)

    GIS DataDepot Catalog
    GIS Internet Resources
    Basins - EPA; Environmental
    Center for Earth Observation - Yale University
    Digital Atlas of Southwestern Indiana
    Digital Chart of the World Server
    Digital State Geologic Maps - USGS
    Europa-Tech - Global digital map data for sale
    Geospatial Data on the Internet
    GEODAS (GEOphysical DAta System) - the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
    Historical United States County Boundary Files - How to order
    Spatial Data Sources
    1:250,000-scale Land Use Land Cover for North Dakota
    Land Cover Digital Data Directory for the United States
    Statewide Geologic Maps for Alaska
    Idaho Geospatial Data
    USGS EROS Data Center
    Geospatial and Statistical Data Center - University of Virginia Library
    Federal Geographic Data Committee
    Tiger Map Server
    GeoGratis Geospacial Data of Canada
    Digital Earth - Cornell

    Geology Librarian's Resources

    Geology Programs

    Geomagnetism & Gravity




    Hazards, Natural (see also Earthquakes; Seismology and Tsunamis)

    History of Geology

    From the Archives - (Biography) Geoscientist monthly series
    Index of Society Obituaries 1828 to 1970 (inclusive) (Geological Society of London)
    Winners of Society Awards since 1831 (Geological Society of London
    Brief History of the Society - Geological Society of London
    Past Presidents of the Geological Society - of London

    Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society (UIUC Proxy Link)
    Biographical Memoirs (of National Academy of Sciences members)

    For Biographies, see also these print resources:

    AAPG Bulletin (Memorials)
    American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Newsletter
    American Mineralogist (Memorial)
    Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research: In Memoriam
    Elements: People in the News; Meet the Authors; Obituary
    EOS: About AGU; In Memoriam; Honors
    Geological Society of America Memorials (UIUC Geology 925.5 G29m)
    Geoscientist: People
    Geotimes: Down to Earth With…
    Leading Edge (The): From the Other Side; Personals
    Mineralogical Magazine: Obituary
    Seismological Research Letters: In Memoriam; Transitions

    Hydrology and Water Resources


    Illinois State Geological Survey

    The Worthen Report, ISGS - Preservation Project by University of Chicago (Requires DjVu plugin):Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8-text, Volume 8-plates

    The 50 States: Illinois
    1895 US Atlas; Illinois
    Illinois Coal Mine Maps - ISGS
    Color Landform Atlas: Illinois
    Water Resources of Illinois - USGS
    Illinois Water Resources Center
    Midwestern Regional Climate Center
    Fryxell Geology Museum - Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
    Field Museum - Chicago
    Sue at The Field Museum
    Illinois Digital Sanborn Maps
    Illinois Seismicity - USGS
    Department of Geology, UIUC
    Geologic Information about the Midwestern States - USGS
    Office of Mines and Minerals - Illinois DNR
    Prairies in the Prairie State

    Illinois Virtual Fieldtrips Illinois Field Trip Guidebooks (Map Index) - ISGS Publications
    Illinois State Museum
    Prairies of Illinois
    Illinois Facts (Geography/Geology)
    Illinois Natural Resources Geospacial Data Clearinghouse
    Complete List of Online Illinois Data - Illinois Natural Resources
    Bedrock Geologic Map of Illinois
    Description of the Chicago District, by William C. Alden, 1902
    Bedrock geology of the Paducah 1°×2° CUSMAP Quadrangle, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri By W. John Nelson U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 2150-B
    Regional Diagenetic Patterns in the St. Peter Sandstone: Implications for Brine Migration in the Illinois Basin By Janet K. Pitman, Martin B. Goldhaber, and Christoph Spoetl Evolution of Sedimentary Basins Illinois Basin, U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 2094-A
    Illinois Basin Reconsidered - AAPG Explorer
    Illinois Basin Coal Reserves - USGS
    Illinois Oil and Gas Association
    A Summary of the Geologic History of the Illinois Basin, by David H. Swann
    Structural Cross Sections of Paleozoic Rocks in the Illinois Basin
    Ground Water Atlas of the United States: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee
    Mazon Creek Fossils
    Geologic Time, Illinios - ISGS
    Fossils of Illinois - ISGS
    Illinois Snowfall and Snow Depth - Extremes
    Illinois State Water Survey Library - Bibliographies, Publications, Acquisitions




    Geology of Caves - USGS
    Park Geology Tour of Cave and Karst Parks - NPS

    Lewis and Clark

    Library Catalogs


    Catalist - Directory of Listservs

    Magnetic Declination/Inclination

    Mailing Lists and Newsgroups



    The Geoscience Calendar
    AGI Meeting Planner


    Mineralogy and Petrology




    Natural Disasters

    North Dakota


    Paleontology/Historical Geology

    Parks, Wildlife Refuges, National Forests, Public Lands

    Petroleum Geology

    Planetary Geology

    Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Journal
    Earth Impact Database - University of New Brunswick
    The Geology of Mars - Albert T. Hsui, Geology Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Google Earth
    Google Mars
    Google Moon
    Meteor Impact Craters -

    Polar Research

    Publishers of Geologic Material

    Quaternary Geology

    Reference Tools

    See also Geology Librarians' Resources

    Regional Geology



    The Geology of Hong Kong (Interactive On-line)

    Colorado Plateau

    North Dakota

    North Dakota

    Nova Scotia




    Stable Isotopes


    Structural Geology & Tectonics


    World Conference on Sustainable Development; Oceans, Coasts and Islands

    Tables of Contents




    Cascade Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, WA
    Cascade Volcano Observatory Webserver Index
    Degassing Nyos
    ERUPT - European Research on Understanding Processes and Timescales in magma systems
    Global Volcanism Program - Smithsonian
    Volcano Monitoring at Yellowstone National Park
    Hawaii Volcano Observatory
    MTU Volcanoes Page
    Photo Glossary of Volcano Terms - USGS
    Preparing for the Next Eruption in the Cascades
    The USGS Volcano Hazards Program
    U.S. Volcano Observatories and the Volcano Disaster Assistance Program
    Volcanoes - USGS
    Volcano Live

    Weather and Climate


    Other Collections of Links to Geological Information

    Earth Sciences Information Resources Internet Links - Branner Earth Science Library; Stanford University
    Scholarly Societies Project
    Internet Resources: Earth Sciences - Berkeley Earth Sciences & Map Library
    Resources in Earth Sciences - Science & Engineering Library; University of Minnesota
    Geology Web Links
    Earth Science Resource Links - Illinois State Geological Survey
    Quick Reference; Geosciences - Purdue Univ. Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Library
    Information - W.M. Keck Earth Sciences & Mining Research Information Center
    Selected Internet Resources on Geosciences - UNLV Libraries
    Information Resources for Geological Sciences - DeLaMare Library, UNR
    Information Resources for Mining - DeLaMare Library, UNR
    Information Resources for Climatology - DeLaMare Library, UNR

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