Gaming Initiative - Groups

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Student Gaming Related Groups

This a list of the University student organizations that are game related. Know of another group? email us!


  • Social Gaming Club. An RSO dedicated to the social aspect surrounding gaming. They host public events, such as tournaments, as well as social events such as movie nights.
  • Video Gamers Alliance - a group dedicated to the games out on market and from the past
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SigGraph - SigGraph is a community of designers, artists and programmers dedicated to the development of games, short films and interactive experiences. We are a digital media community where knowledge is exchanged, experience is gained and life-long connections are made. We actively recruit artists, engineers, directors, and musicians to lead and develop our upcoming projects. We assume no prior knowledge of digital media production and offer weekly tutorials to get our novice members up to speed. We are going to become a chapter of the national SigGraph organization at To sign up for their mailing list, contact:
  • Association for Computing Machinery - Gamebuilders-

    Email contact: Subcribe to mailing list at The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a student group consisting of a variety of people with diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in computers. ACM is open to students, faculty, and staff in all fields at the University of Illinois. Within ACM, there are a variety of special interest groups (SIGs) that focus on specific areas of computing.

    Gamebuilders is a group dedicated to everything about games. Formed in 2002, the group was formed for the making, playing, and discussion of the gaming industry. From graphics to artificial intelligence, if it fits in a game, it is in this group.

  • Society for Competitive Fighting Games - The Society for Competitive Fighting Games is the competitive fighting game community. The main purpose of this club is to create a forum for people who play fighting games to find more competition. Fighting games just aren't as much fun if you don't have people to play. The club holds tournaments on campus, as well as casual games weekly.
  • Technological Frontiers Society - Facebook Page
    Contact Person: Anthony Barnstable,

    Club Bio: Casually known as Techfront to our members, we encourage debate and discussion about technology past, present, and future through our various social activities, especially games. Change the face of the country in Ticket to Ride, manage energy resources in Power Grid, defend your ship from intergalactic menaces in Space Alert, or perhaps all three in Chrononauts.