ARIS Global Game Jam

ARIS Global Game Jam 2011

On April 18th and 19th, campus gaming group ACM Gamebuilders ( partnered with the Undergraduate Library to develop games based on ARIS (, a mobile computing design software developed by the University of Wisconsin.   As part of ARIS's worldwide Global Game Jam event ( students designed augmented reality based games situated in campus locales and requiring students to visit various locations to acquire clues or items necessary to complete specific quests. 

The ARIS app can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store.  The two games developed below, plus others designed by other participants in the Global Game Jam, can be accessed through this app.


Game Selection screen from ARIS app

The Games

Murder at Seibel Center - Efe Karakus, networking researcher and gentleman of fortune, was found dead at his computer while nearing the conclusion of his PHD thesis. His body showed no signs of struggle nor notable damage. He was simply found staring blankly at the unfinished sentence: "My results conclude that, soon, there will be an end to...".  As a detective, you must solve this curious case.  Designed by Thomas Loboda.  See all images here: 

 Map of ARIS LocationDialog from ARIS gameMap from ARIS GameInvestigation interview

UIUC Engineering Quad Tour - An interactive and real time virtual tour guide of the UIUC engineering quad, designed by Nate Kemavaha.

 Map of engineering quadEngineering Hall descriptionMore engineering campus buildings

2011 Advertisement for ARIS Event

Make augmented reality games, stories, and activities for mobile phones.  This event provides an opportunity to collaborate with creative programmers, storytellers, and others to design apps using the ARIS software, created at the University of Wisconsin.  The goal is to design a game in 2 days, and share the games you create with others in the ARIS community.  The ACM Gamebuilders and Undergraduate Library will host the event, and provide orientation to the software as well as iPads and iPod touches for event use. 

Details:  Monday, 4/18 from 7-9pm and Tuesday, 4/19 from 7-10pm in room 295 UGL.

More information on the ARIS software and the event is available here: