Technology at Funk Library


Wireless internet is available throughout Funk Library. IllinoisNet is accessible throughout the building and requires a valid UIUC NetID to connect. For more information about how to access IllinoisNet, please visit the Technology Services Wireless page. For campus visitors, Funk Library also has IllinoisNet_Start, which is available to campus visitors on a temporary basis. For information about UI Public Wireless, please visit the Technology Services page on IllinoisNet_Start.


There are Windows PCs available on the second, third, and fourth floor of Funk Library. Computers for public use are on the second floor. These computers can all access the internet and have the Microsoft Office suite. The ACES Academic Computing Facility in the basement has computers with the Adobe suite, ArcGIS, SPSS, Living Cookbook, and other popular programs. You can also use Remote Desktop to connect to the ACES Academic Computing Facility's computers and use those specialized programs from your own computer. Problems with Remote Desktop can be reported to the ACES Academic Computing Facility via email. (Note: there are special instructions for saving work to a flash drive when connected via Remote Desktop.)

Laptop Locks

Funk Library now offers laptop locks that can be checked out to patrons possessing a valid I-card. Laptop locks can be charged out for 5 hours at a time and may not leave the building. Please note that not all laptop models are compatible with laptop locks.   



Printing is available from all public computers in Funk Library and from personal laptops via web printing. Black and White documents will print at the public printers on the 2nd floor, near the photocopier, and need to be released at the Print Release Station right next to the printers. Color documents will also print from the second floor, but the Color Printer and Print Release Station are located near the South Stairwell. The Black and White print release station will only release Black and White print jobs and the Color print release station will only release Color print jobs. Double-sided printing for both Black and White and Color is also available.

For specific instructions, consult this Library Printing from Public Computers page. 

To print from a laptop, consult this Library Laptop Printing page. 

How Much

Printing at Funk Library costs $0.10 per page for Black and White printing, $0.30 per page for Color printing. UIUC students, faculty, or staff can charge print jobs to their university accounts.  All users have the option to pay cash, but will have to pay and pick-up printouts at the Undergraduate Library's Circulation desk.

If you do not have a university account or do not want to be charged that way, anyone may set up a prepaid account. You can sign up for a prepaid account right now.

Here are instructions on how to charge against a department Banner/FOAPL account on an ongoing basis.

Click here to know how to request a refund for a print job that did not work correctly.


There are two scanners on the second floor of the Funk Library. One of them is available for public use. There are instructions posted on the scanner for how to operate the scanner and use Adobe Acrobat to create PDFs and other types of image files from your scanned documents.



There is one photocopy machine on the second floor available for public use.   

How Much

Photocopies are free. 

Copy Cards

NOTICE: The copy card program was discontinued on June 30th, 2016. There will no longer be any way to "load" money on Value Cards or I-Cards for use in the copy machines. Campus Vending will continue to refund money on cards.

Other Option

Doc Express is a free photocopy service, available to UIUC faculty, staff, and graduate students to obtain copies of articles from journals found in the UIUC campus library system. This is a photocopy service for library users that may not have time to do the footwork themselves or prefer to have their materials copied for them. Undergraduate students are charged $5.00 per article (up to 30 pages per article). For more information on this program, please read the UIUCDoc Express page.  Don't forget to check to see if we have an online subscription to the journal you are interested in.


There are no public fax machines in any of the campus libraries. Campus Printing does offer faxing services, and Champaign Public Library has a fee-based public fax machine. There are also online faxing services.


None of the campus libraries offer lamination services. Document Services offers lamination, as do FedEx Office and other copy shops.