Equipment in Room 509

The following electronic equipment is available for use in Room 509


Anyone conducting instruction in Room 509 has the option to use the clicker kit to support participant response. The clicker response system is fully integrated with PowerPoint and installed on the instructor workstation. Check out the clicker kit at the Funk Library Circulation Desk with your I-card.

Each kit contains:

When you borrow a clicker kit, please be very careful to return all the component parts in the kit. Note: Please make sure that the USB receiver is placed in the static shield bag.

For questions regarding the clickers, please contact Susan Avery in the Undergraduate Library.


There are two voice amplification devices available for use in ACES 509. The volume for both microphones are adjusted by turning the VOLUME knob in the AUDIO section of the console tray located directly beneath the lecturer's keyboard. The volume knob is not very sensitive and must be turned several times to elicit any noticeable change.

Wireless Microphone: A wireless microphone may be checked out from the Funk ACES Circulation Desk. The microphone bag is a black zippered pouch. Remove the microphone and test by switching the microphone to ON and speaking into the microphone. If you suspect the battery might be dead, press the BATTERY CHECK button next to the ON/OFF toggle. If the battery is dead, alert the circulation desk and use the wired microphone. Please make certain to switch the microphone to the OFF position before leaving to ensure longer battery life.

Wired Microphone: The wired microphone is located in the drawer directly beneath the VCR in the cabinet to the immediate left of the lecturer's podium. Clip on the microphone and press the button on the top of the microphone control. The microphone should now be on. Test by speaking into the microphone.

Remote Mouse

The remote (pointer) mouse is located on the top shelf to the left of the presentation terminal at the front of the room. (If the remote is not available, please notify the circulation desk.) The remote has a range of 100 feet and can be used from any location in ACES 509. Below is an image of the remote with an explanation of the buttons and their functions.

Remote mouse

Note: The instructor "clicks" using the trigger on the underside of the remote.

For additional assistance, please inquire at the circulation desk.

Transparency Projector

  1. Lower the room's projection screen and turn on the room projector.
  2. Pull out the top drawer of the cabinet to the left of the lecturer's station. You will see the transparency projector. Gently grasp the lens area (labeled "Wolfe Vision") and extend upward to expand the projector; rotate the lens downward to to face the tray. Once fully extended, push the green POWER button at the base of the projector. If there is no light after pushing the POWER button, you will need to push the LIGHT button located next to the POWER button.
  3. Pull out the console tray from underneath the lecturer's keyboard. On the right side of the tray push the button marked VID 2. The lecturer's monitor will go blank and the transparency projector should now be projecting on the screen
    Transparency projector folded Transparency projector unfolded


  1. Lower the room's projection screen and turn on the room projector.
  2. Insert your VHS tape into the Panasonic VCR located in the cabinet to the left of the Lecturer's podium
  3. From the console tray located directly beneath the lecturer's keyboard, press the button marked VID1. The monitor should go blank and the video should now project on the projector screen.
  4. Locate the mouse in the tray directly beneath the VCR for greater control of the video.