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2004 - 2009

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v. = volume
n. = number 
inc. = incomplete


Former = Former Title 
Later = Later Title 
Former title (vol. #)=ACES holdings
Title Call Number Web Print Notes
ICARDA Caravan Q.631.58605 IC v.3 (1996)- n.2 (1995)- None
IGER Innovations 630.72041 IG2 n.1(1997-2005) - v.1 (1997)- None
Illinois Country Living 621.39205 ILR1 v.53.9(1996)- v.53 (1996)- Former: Illinois Rural Electric News (v.37:3 - v.53:7)
Illinois Holstein Herald Q.636.205 ILLH None v. 57 (1996)-inc. None
Illinois Standardbred and Mid-America Harness News 636.1005 IL1A None v.21 (1999)- Former: Illinois Standardbred (v.13 - v.20), Former: Illinois Standardbred and Sulky News (v.8 - v.13)
Illinois Steward 333.7205 IL None v.1 (1991)- None
Illinois Student Environmental Network 333.7205 IS None (2001, 2003, 2004) -inc. None
Impact 630.5 IMP (2000)- v.4 (1987)- inc. None
Indian Farming Q.630.5 INFn.s. None v. 45 (1995) - v.53 (2004) Former: Agriculture and Livestock in India, Cancelled.
Indian Food Industry 641.3005 IN None v.1 (1982)-(2004) None
Indian Horticulture 634.05 INDH None v.3 (1959)-v. 49 (2005) Cancelled
Indian Journal of Agricultural Chemistry 630.24 IN2 None v.13:2 (1980)-v.37 (2004) inc. Cancelled.
Indian Journal of Agricultural Science 630.5 INDJ None v.50 (1980)- v.75:6 (2004) Former: Agricultural Journal of India, Cancelled.
Indian Journal of Agronomy 630.5 INJ None v.25 (1980)-v.49:2 (2004) Cancelled.
Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics 574.19205 IND None v.1 (1964)-(2004) Cancelled. Former: Indian Journal of Biochemistry.
Indian Journal of Dairy Science 637.05 INJ None v.1 (1948)-v.58:2 (2005) Cancelled.
Indian Journal of Forestry 634.905 IN None v.2 (1979)-(2004) Cancelled.
Indian Journal of Horticulture 634.05 INJ None v.1:2 (1943)-v.60 (2003) None
Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 641.105 JO None v.1 (1964)-v.41 (2004) Cancelled. Former: Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics
Industrial Bioprocessing 574.19205 BIOD1A None v.13:6 (1991)- Former: Bioprocessing Technology (v.7 -v. 13), Former: Biomass Digest (v.5 -v.6)
Industrial Crops and Products 630.5 INDU v.1 (1992)- v.1 (1992)- v. 24 (2006) Online only 2007.
Infant and Child Development 305.23105 EA1 v.8:1 (1999)- v.8 (1999)- v. 15 (2006) Online only 2007. Former: Early Development and Parenting (v.1 - v.7)
Infant Behavior and Development 136.735205 IN v.1 (1978)- v.1 (1978)-(2003) Cancelled.
International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 574.19205 INTB1 v.35:1 (1995)- v.29 (1992)-v.58 (2006) Online only 2007. Former: International Biodeterioration (v.20 - v. 28)
International Chickpea and Pigeonpea Newsletter 635.65 IN82 None v.1 (1994)- Former: International Chickpea Newsletter (v.1 - v. 28), Former: International Pigeonpea Newsletter (v.1 - v.18)
International Dyer, Textile Printer, Bleacher Finisher 667.05 IND None v.159 (1978)-v.190 (2005) Cancelled.
International Journal of Behavioral Development 136.505 IN v.19:1 (1996)- v.1 (1978)- Online only 2008.
International Journal of Biotronics 581.072 B5241 None v.31(2002) - v. 33 (2004) Ceased with v. 33 (2004). Former: Biotronics (v.16-v.30)
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology Q.646.05 IN v.4 (1992)- v.1 (1989)-v.18 (2006) Cancelled
International Journal of Consumer Studies 640.7305 JO1 v.22 (1998)- v.25 (2001)- Online only 2008. Former: Journal of Consumer Studies and Home Economics (v.1 - v.24)
International Journal of Dairy Technology Q.637.06 SOCD1 v.54 (2001)- v.50 (1997)- Former: Journal of the Society of Dairy Technology (v.1 - 49)
International Journal of Eating Disorders 616.39005 IN v.1 (1981)- v.1 (1981)- Online only 2007.
International Journal of Food Microbiology 576.16305 INT v.1(1984)- v.1 (1984)- Online only 2007.
International Journal of Food Science and Technology 664.05 JOUF1 v.31:1 (1996)- v.22 (1987)- Online only 2008. Former: Journal of Food Technology (v.1 - v.21)
International Journal of Fruit Science 634.05 INT None v.5:1 (2006)- Formed by the union of: Small Fruits Review and Journal of Tree Fruit Production
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management 658.87005 INT v.20 (1992)- v.18 (1990)- v. 35 (2007) Cancelled 2008. Former: Retail and Distribution Management, Former: International Journal of Retailing (v.3 - v.4)
International Journal of Tropical Agriculture 630.913 IN8 None v.1 (1983)- None
International Journal of Tropical Plant Diseases 632.305IN None v.1(1983)- Arrives late
International Journal of Water Resources Development 333.91005 INJ v.11:1 (1995)- v.5 (1989)- Online only 2008.
International Sorghum and Millets Newsletter 633.9205 SO1 None v.36 (1995)- Former: Sorghum Newsletter (v.10 - v.34)
Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research 630.5 IRJ1 None v.31 (1991)- Former: Irish Journal of Agricultural Research (v.1 - v.30)
Irrigation and Drainage Systems 631.705 IR v.3:1 (1997)- v.1 (1986)- Online only 2007.
Irrigation Science 631.505 IR v.1:1 (1978)- v.1 (1978)- Online only 2007.
Issue Paper (CAST) 630 IS7 None v.1 (1993)- None

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