Useful Links by ACES Department

Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences

  • Chemical Backgrounders
    Gives lots of information on different chemicals that may affect human health, including description, chemical properties, health effects, exposure value, regulations, and release inventory. (National Safety Council)

  • Economic Effects of Controls on Nitrogen Fertilizer
    Full-text HTML publication, spurred by rising concerns about the role of agricultural chemicals as water contaminants, examines policy alternatives that might control nitrogen fertilizer as a source of nitrates in water.

  • EPA Pesticides
    Information on Health and Safety, Environmental Effects, Regulating Pesticides, and more.

  • Nitrogen Cycles Project
    Offers lots of useful information on the Nitrogen Cycle with plenty of clear diagrams, as well as a glossary of related terms. (U of I)

  • PAN Pesticides Database
    One-stop location for current toxicity and regulatory information for pesticides. (Pesticide Action Network)

  • Pesticide Safety Education
    Educational information on the effective, economic, and environmentally sound use of pesticides. Provides facts, newsletter, and links. (U of I Extension)