Useful Links by ACES Department

Human & Community Development
 HCD Web Sites at UIUC

  • Agricultural Communications Documentation Center
    The Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC) is a unique literature collection and information service developed by agricultural communications faculty members at UIUC--It is offered as a service to students, teachers, researchers, professional communicators and others who are interested in communications related broadly to agriculture, food, natural resources and rural affairs

  • Communications Library
    An excellent resource for Communications information, help locating it, and directions to the Communications Library.

  • Education and Social Sciences Library
    The UIUC hub of Social Sciences Information--Visit the web site, and/or the Social Sciences Library for resource guides in Speech Communication, Anthropology, Education, Psychology, and the like.

  • Human and Community Development Department
    The Department of Human and Community Development (HCD) at UIUC focuses on the interactions among human activity systems that form the building blocks of rural and urban societies world-wide