Useful Links by ACES Department

Food Science & Human Nutrition
 Other Useful Web Sites for Food Science

  • AgNIC Partnership on Biotechnology
    (University of Maryland and the National Agricultural Library) A selective guide to agricultural biotechnology information on the internet. The site includes biotechnology resources that relate to domestic animals, plants, and food processing.

  • Department of Food Science
    (Purdue) Information on the food science degrees available at Purdue University. Includes some online publications and a list of internet resources.

  • Food and Drug Law Institute
    Provides a neutral forum for communication and discussion of laws, policies, and new technologies for food and drugs.

  • Food Developer's e-Source
    This resource is directed at food practitioners and provides information on the basic chemistry, functional properties, and applications of major ingredients used in food processing. It also includes nutritional information.

  • Food Resource
    (Oregon State University) A large collection of public domain jpeg images of foods and links to related documents.

  • Food Science Central
    (IFIS Publishing) This site provides access to free and subscription-based food science information, including current food science papers, news stories, and web site reviews.

  • Institute of Food Research
    From the UK, this site provides access to strategic research on food science, materials, safety, and quality, as well as on nutrition and health. Includes publications with instructional materials.