Useful Links by ACES Department

Crop Sciences

    Focuses on US agriculture, goes back to 1970.

  • CAB Abstracts
    The most comprehensive agricultural database for crops, forestry, horticulture, vetmed, etc., goes back to 1910.

    U.S. agricultural research in progress including grants

  • Dissertation Abstracts
    Identifies doctoral dissertations from U.S. & Canadian institutions. Read the full text (PDF) of dissertations produced at CIC institutions (including UIUC) from 1997 to the present. Abstracts only are available for dissertations from 1980-1996; and citations only on material from 1861-1979.

  • SciFinder Scholar
    [Chemical Abstracts] - The largest, most comprehensive chemical literature database.

  • Web of Science [Science Citation Index]
    Provides the most current index to over 8000 of the world's leading scholarly research journals in all disciplines; includes abstracts. Updated weekly. Available: 1982 - present. Includes a unique "cited reference" feature, to find articles that have cited a given article.