Useful Links by ACES Department

Animal Sciences
 Government Websites

  • AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center)
    AgNIC is an alliance between the National Agricultural Library (NAL), university librarians, and subject matter specialists at Land Grant and Sea Grant institutions.There is a browse by topic feature on this site. Topics covered include, Animal and Veterinary Sciences and Aquaculture and Fisheries.

  • Agricultural Research Service (USDA)
    Research topics are available to browse by subject by going to the Research link clicking on Research Themes and then clicking on subject. There are general topics on animal research as well as more specific topics such as beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, poultry and many more.

  • FAO's Animal Production and Health Division
    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) leads international efforts to defeat hunger. The Animal Production and Health Division's objective is to, "help facilitate the development of the fast expanding and changing global livestock sector so as to enable it to provide clean and safe animal products to consumers. "

  • Illinois Department of Agriculture
    Programs and Services under the direction of this department include those in the Animal Industries, specifically those relate to animal health and welfare.

  • National Agricultural Library (USDA)
    The NAL is the coordinator for a national network of State land-grant and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) field libraries. In its international role, the NAL serves as the U.S. center for the international agricultural information system, coordinating and sharing resources and enhancing global access to agricultural data. The NAL's collection of over 3.3 million items make it the foremost agricultural library in the world.

  • National Animal Germplasm Program
    Contains useful links to lists of animal species, protoclols for research in animal genetics research, and sites related to the field of Animal Science.

  • U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC)
    MARC has Research Programs related to animals on the topics of Genetics and Breeding, Reproduction, Nutrition, Animal Health, Meats, Production Systems, and Biological Engineering.