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Academic Info: Biotechnology
A collection of biotechnology resources compiled by Academic Info, a non-profit, educational organization. Includes links, digital library, organizations, and genome projects.


Ag Biotech InfoNet
Covers all aspects of the application of biotechnology and genetic engineering in agricultural production and food processing and marketing.


A free, peer-reviewed online journal. Includes articles about the economics and management of agricultural biotechnology. Searchable by keyword. Includes volume 1 (1998 to present).


From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This website provides scientific, regulatory and educational materials relevant to crop biotechnology.


Biotech Education Series from
Compiled articles and links about agricultural biotechnology.


Biotech: Life Science Resources and Reference Tools
A collection of resources including an illustrated dictionary, chemical acronyms database, professional resources, and more from the University of Texas Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology.


From the USDA Economic Research Service; includes articles and links about biotech crop issues.


Biotechnology Resource Series
Information on crop species, biotechnology methods, characteristics, products, organizations, and reference materials. Also includes biotechnology tutorials online. From the University of California-Davis Seed Biotechnology Center.


Biotechnology: U.S. Department of State
Part of the International Information Programs site; contains articles and links to agricultural biotechnology resources.


Campaign for Mandatory Labelling of Genetically Engineered Foods
Mothers for Natural Law's national public awareness campaign on the dangers of genetically engineered foods, and an initiative to secure rigorous pre-market safety testing, mandatory labeling and a moratorium on these foods.


Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Contains publications and resources on biotechnology information.


Council for Biotechnology Information
Created by leading biotech companies for improved biotechnology communication.


Electronic Journal of Biotechnology
Free peer-reviewed journal available online. Searchable by keywords and phrases. Includes volume 1 (1998 to present).


Genetically Modified Foods
A collection of resources including topics such as GM food industry, ethics and religion, international perspectives, news sources, recent editorials and journal articles, government and public policy, concerns and alternatives, health and safety, farming, and company news.


Guide to Biotechnology
Easy-to-understand introductory guide to biotechnology from the Biotechnology Industry Organization.


Information Systems for Biotechnology
Provides information resources to support the environmentally responsible use of agricultural biotechnology products. Includes documents and searchable databases pertaining to the development, testing and regulatory review of genetically modified plants, animals and microorganisms within the US and abroad.


Iowa State University: Biotechnology Program
Includes bioethics, educational, industry, and research resources. Also includes full-text publications and an overview of research conducted at Iowa State University.


National Center for Biotechnology Information
A national resource for molecular biology information; includes databases and software tools for research.


Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology
Established in 2001 to be an independent and objective source of credible information on agricultural biotechnology for the public, media and policymakers.


Soybase: A Genome Database
Provides genetic information about soybeans.


Soybean Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering Center
Information about soybean genetic engineering.


Straight Talk About Biotechnology
From the DuPont Company; includes news and events, legislation, and additional resources such as links and background articles.


Stratsoy: Biotechnology
Provides numerous links to biotechnology resources including general topics, health information, and soybean biotechnology.


Transgenic Crops: An Introduction and Resource Guide
From the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Colorado State University. Includes news, links, and background information.


Union of Concerned Scientists
A non-profit group of scientists and citizens advocating "rigorous scientific analysis, innovative policy development and effective citizen advocacy to achieve practical environmental solutions."


USDA/APHIS: Agricultural Biotechnology
Web site from the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: Biotechnology Regulatory Services. Includes news, regulatory activities, and other information resources.




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