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Alternative Uses

ISU Biocomposite Group
Iowa State University research that seeks to formulate and optimize soybean-based resins to be comparative or superior to the commonly used industrial grade resins.


National Biodiesel Board
Includes the latest news and research on biodiesel, including soy.


National Soy Ink Information Center
An information clearinghouse and resource for soy ink manufacturers and users.


New Soybean Uses
New Uses of Soybean from Illinois Soybean Association


New Uses Council
Non-profit organization run dedicated to expanding the development and commercialization of new industrial, energy, and non-food consumer uses of renewable agricultural, forestry, livestock and marine products.


Soy Daily Club
Soy news, links, recipes, and more.


Soy Power
From West Central, a manufacturer and distributor that uses soybeans to create renewable alternatives to petroleum based products.
Information on organic soy coffee.
Information about soy products including foods, drinks, candles, and more. Also provides links to companies that sell soy products.


Soyworld: Products Made From Soybeans
Links to many products made from soybeans, ranging from crayons to flooring and even to shampoo.




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