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A free, peer-reviewed online journal. Includes articles about the economics and management of agricultural biotechnology. Searchable by keyword. Includes volume 1 (1998 to present). website from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University is a comprehensive source of information, analysis, and decision-making tools for agricultural producers, agribusinesses, and others. Topics include: crop and livestock marketing and outlook reports, crop insurance, farm management, agricultural policy, human resources, income tax and law, and agribusiness. also contains decision-making tools, such as budget spreadsheets, and data sets.


Better Crops International
Issues from 1996 to present. Features articles reporting on research results and nutrient management concerns in the key international regions where PPI/PPIC (Potash & Phosphate) agronomic programs are established.


Better Crops With Plant Food
Issues from 1997 to present. Reports news from research related to potash, phosphate and other nutrient management.


Cooperative Extension Publications by State
Links to state's cooperative extension services. Publications retrievable by full text.


Crop Decisionss
Issues from 2000 to present. For crop consultants and professional farm managers.


Provides access to the knowledge of Land Grant universities around the nation. Searchable information on a variety of topics, including: agriculture, forestry, fishing, family/consumer issues, lawn and garden, child development, 4-H/youth, environment, public policy, economics, water quality and communities.


Electronic Journal of Biotechnology
Free peer-reviewed journal available online. Searchable by keywords and phrases. Includes volume 1 (1998 to present).


FAO/UN State of Food and Agriculture
FAO/UN annual report on current developments affecting world agriculture. It reviews policy factors underlying recent agricultural performances at the world and regional levels. It also discusses issues of current or emerging interest, and presents an in-depth analysis of topics of importance to world food and agriculture.


Illinois Agronomy Handbook
Includes information about corn, soybeans, and other crops; also includes nutrient and water management, and insect and disease control.


Illinois Agronomy Handbook
(Table of Contents with links to chapters in full text or PDF)


Integrated Crop Management
Detailed, research-based articles for better management decisions from the Department of Entomology, Iowa State University.


Iowa Farmer Today
Web site provides market information, news, weather, classified ads, recipes, soybean cam; full text document includes most recent issue as well as the previous two months.


Journal of Extension
The free, online journal is the peer-reviewed publication of the Cooperative Extension System.


Mississippi Extension and Experiment Station: Soybeans
Soybean publications, information, and research from Mississippi State University. MSUcares is a joint effort of Mississippi State University Extension Service and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.


Missouri Soybean Farmer Online
Publication from the Missouri Soybean Association.


Ohio State Extension Bulletin
Bulletin E-2567 Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Alfalfa


Penn State Agronomy Guide
Two part publication including crop and soil management and pest management from Penn State's Dept. of Agricultural Sciences.


Pest & Crop Newsletter
Issues from 1995 to present. Provides up-to-date information on pests (insect and mites, weeds, plant diseases, nematodes, and vertebrates) and their impact on field crops throughout the state of Indiana, from Purdue University Extension.


Pest Management & Crop Development Bulletin
Includes articles from 1997 to date from the University of Illinois Extension. Information on insects, weeds, crop development, and plant diseases.


Plant Management Network
Includes the journals Crop Management and Plant Health Progress. Subcription is required for full access; some articles are available online for free.


Proceedings of the National Soybean Rust Symposium
Conference proceedings from the National Soybean Rust Symposium, organized by The American Phytopathological Society.


Purdue Extension Publications
Online educational materials from Purdue Extension. Includes full text publications for topics such as agronomy, agricultural and biological engineering, agricultural economics, botany and plant pathology, and more.


Seed World
Free online magazine; searchable by keyword, topic, author, title, and issue number. Covers seed techology and the latest news worldwide.


Soy Protein Products: Characteristics, Nutritional Aspects, And Utilization
A publication from the Soy Protein Council including soy history, health, regulations, and future considerations.


Soybean Digest
Publication including soybean weather, markets, and news. Online holdings include archives back to December 1997 to date.


Soybean Genetics Newsletter
Issues from Vol. 27, 2000 to date online.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Extension Agriculture Publications
Full text publications from the University of Illinois Extension in areas such as agriculture, conservation, and horticulture.


University of Illinois Variety Testing
Annual performance reports from the University of Illinois Variety Testing program on commercial corn, conventional and roundup resistant soybeans, forage crops, wheat and sorghum.


University of Maryland Cropping Systems Research and Extension
Includes publications about soybeans, corn, small grains, soil fertility, and includes links to other relevant Maryland programs.


University of Missouri Soybean Extension
Publications,resources, and links about soybeans.


University of Wisconsin Soybean Plant Health
Includes soybean health bulletins, newsletters, variety trials, and additional resources for soybeans.


US Code: Title 7 CHAPTER 92 ? Soybean Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information
The United States Code from the Cornell Law School Legal information Institute.


USDA/ERS Adoption of Bioengineered Crops
This report uses USDA survey data to examine the extent to which US farmers have adopted bioengineered crops, factors affecting adoption of these crops, and the impacts of bioengineered crops on input use and farm-level net returns.


USDA/ERS Amber Waves
A magazine from USDA/ERS covering the full range of the agency's research and analysis, including the economics of agriculture, food, rural America, trade, and the environment. ERS publishes the magazine five times a year (in February, April, June, September)


USDA/ERS Characteristics and Production Costs of U.S. Soybean Farms
Discusses costs of production, cost variation, soybean production practices, and farm characteristics. ERS Statistical Bulletin No. SB974-4., April 2002.


USDA/ERS Soybeans and Oilcrops Briefing Room
Provides links to publications including Oil Crops Yearbook, and Oil Crops Outlook, as well as background, trade, market outlook and policy. News, images, maps, and relating readings are also included.


USDA/ERS The Soybean Processing Decision
ERS Technical Bulletin No. 1897., December 2001.


USDA/ERS World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
Full text publication from the USDA Economic Research Service that includes world supply-use balance of soybeans, rice, corn, wheat, cotton and more.


USDA/FAS Oilseeds Statistics and Reports
Current publications from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. Includes Oilseeds: World Markets and Trade, Oilseeds Statistics, and World Agricultural Production, as well as archives and feature reports.


USDA/FAS Worldwide
"An online magazine from USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service that is designed to cover the full spectrum of the Agency’s responsibilities and activities."


USDA/NASS Agricultural Statistics
Reference book published each year for information on agricultural production, supplies, consumption, facilities, costs, and returns. Online holdings include 1994 to date.




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