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Ag search engine that includes markets, analysis, and news. This site is no longer being updated, but still contains useful information.


Agricultural Marketing Resource Center
Brings together experts from Iowa State University, Kansas State University and the University of California into a dynamic, electronically based center to create and present information about value-added agriculture. Provides reliable information needed about markets and industries, business development and directories.


American Soybean Association


Canada Agriculture Online: Market Views and Information
Markets, futures, cash prices, production reports, and marketing information; includes soybeans.


Chicago Board Of Trade
A futures and futures-options exchange; web site includes the latest news and data on agricultural futures exchanges, including soybeans, soybean oil, and soybean meal.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Seeks to improve farm decision-making under risk through education and research. Contains articles, decision tools and databases, and subjects cover finance, marketing and outlook, management, and law and taxation, policy, FAST tools, and more.
Latest news and information on agriculture markets, auctions, and commentary.


Grain Marketing Page
Market commentary, brokers, quotes, charts, market talk, investment strategy/software, and market advice.
Provides tools for farmers to calculate their local LDP rates; includes local grain prices, weather, classified ads, news, and futures quotes.


Mexican Soy Export Resources
The Bilingual trade information resource for US soy merchandisers and Mexican soy buyers.


Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Includes National Soybean Index cash-settled futures and options contracts from information gathered by the Data Transmission Network of Omaha, Nebraska.


Office for Futures and Options Research
From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Promotes and enhances scholarly research and learning of futures, options, and derivative markets.


Tokyo Grain Exchange
One of the leading commodity futures exchanges in Asia, the Tokyo Grain Exchange is a non-profit membership organization presently trading corn, Non-GMO soybean, U.S. soybean, soybean meal, azuki (red bean), arabica coffee, robusta coffee and raw sugar futures. Options on corn, U.S. soybean and raw sugar futures are also being traded.


USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)
Includes news and data about markets.


USDA Economics, Statistics, and Market Information System
By Mann Library, Cornell University. Can search titles and descriptions of reports and datasets


USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)
Includes production, market and trade reports, and import/export programs.


USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA)
Information on crop insurance and crop weather conditions, as well as tools, calculators, and full text publications.


USDA/ERS Briefing Room
Economic Research Service. Each Briefing Room offers an indepth discussion synthesizing ERS research and the economic issues that frame the analysis. Also includes recent research developments, readings and data, questions and answers, and a collection of other ERS products and services addressing the issue.


USDA/ERS Oil Crops Outlook Report and Yearbook
Examines supply, use, prices, and trade for oil crops (primarily soybeans and products), including supply and demand prospects in major importing and exporting countries.


Worldwide Ag Network
Weather, Futures (click "Grains"), Ag News, Commodity News, Biotech News, and Gov. reports (quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily).




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