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Commodity Boards

American Corn Grower's Association


American Seed Trade Association


Colorado Corn Growers Association
Information regarding corn growers in Colorado. Areas include Best Management Practices, environment and education.


Commodity Futures Trading Commission
An independent agency that regulates commodity futures and option markets in the United States. Protects market participants against manipulation, abusive trade practices, and fraud.


Farm and Commodity Policy: USDA Briefing Room
Includes latest publications, readings, resources, and links about commodities.


Illinois Corn Growers Association
Includes extensive research information regarding growing corn in Illinois. Also has educational material for teachers and media.


Indiana Corn Growers Association


Iowa Corn Growers Association
Ethanol, research, biotechnology, market development, education, policy & issues, legislative action center, stewards of the environment, renewable resources, new uses, food safety, news releases, and publiction.


Kansas Corn Growers Association
Includes commission, news, educational links, environmental issues, ethanol, and other Kansas corn links.


Kentucky Corn Growers Association


Louisiana Corn Growers Association


Maryland Grain Producers


Michigan's Corn Bin


Minnesota Corn Growers Association
Resource room, Classroom, News, Consumer info center, Marketing info etc.


Missouri Corn Online
Homepage for Missouri corn producers, educators, students and supporters of Missouri agriculture.


National Corn Growers Association
Scientific research, education and promotion of corn and its many uses. Keys areas of research and development include: Biotechnology, Ethanol, Transportation, Federal legislation and Scientific Research.


Nebraska Corn Board
Corn Harvest & Industrial Tour, Crop Progress, and links to other Commodity Organizations, National Cooperators & Associations, Marketing & Statistics, Ethanol Industry, Meat Industry etc.


Nebraska Corn Growers Association
News, Weather Markets, Current Issues, Nebraska Legislature, Legistrative Action etc.


New York Corn Growers Association


North Carolina Corn Growers Association


North Dakota Corn Growers Association


Ohio Corn Marketing Program


Oklahoma Corn Growers Association


Ontario Corn Producers' Association
News releases, Corn advance payment program, Information on pesticides, crop inputs and biotechnology, Market Information etc.


Pennsylvania Corn Growers Association


South Carolina Corn Growers Association


South Dakota Corn


Tennessee Corn Growers Association


Texas Corn Producers


Virginia Corn Growers Association


Wisconsin Corn Growers



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