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Agricultural Extension Services

Cornell University Cooperative Extension
Cornell's Extension serivce offers resources covering a variety of subjects including "Gardening", "Community Development", "Financial Management", and "Agriculture".


Iowa State University Extension
ISU's website features "continuing education" and "community development" resources and local news information among other things


North Dakota State University Extension Service
Contains a variety newsletters and other publications regarding agricultural subjects.


State Cooperative Extension Links
A website from the USDA with links to state extension offices.


Texas Cooperative Extension
With over 250 offices, this is a service of Texas A&M University. This site offers information on "Agricultural and Natural Resources", "Family and Consumer Sciences", "4-H and Youth Development", and "Community Development".


University of California Cooperative Extension
Offered by the University of California at Davis, the Cooperative Extension offers a variety of services including 4-H, Nutrition, "Environmental Horticulture", and "Natural Resources" programs to residents of Los Angeles County.


University of Florida Extension
This site, from the University of Florida at Gainesville, offers inforamtion on "Agricultural Safety", "Disaster Preparedness", "Pesticicdes", and "Lawns" among other things.


University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension
A resource from the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


University of Illinois Extension
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Extension service offers programs covering the following topics "Healthy Society", "Food Security and Safety", "Environmental Stewardship", "Sustainable and Profitable Food Production and Marketing Systems", and "Enhancing Youth, Family and Community Well-Being".


University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service
Feature various services from the UK Cooperative Extension Service.


University of Missouri Extension
This website contains the various educational resources and publications from the University of Missouri Extension service.


University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension
From the University of Wisconsin System, this site features various publications plus information on WisSat (a system for delivering extension material via satellite TV) and educational programs.



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