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Welcome to Ag Com on AgNIC. You are entering a world of information about the communications aspects of agriculture, food, natural resources and rural affairs.

This site provides access to resources that involve the human and social dimensions of agriculture. Communications helps sustain activities throughout the entire food enterprise. So whatever your agricultural interest, we hope that you find helpful information on this interactive web site.

A unique resource for you. Ag Com on AgNIC draws upon the unique resources and services of the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center. ACDC can help you identify and gain access to what is believed to be the largest existing electronically-searchable collection of agricultural communications literature.

The University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences and the University Library collaborate as a partner of the AgNIC Alliance, submitting the latest information on Agricultural Communications, Corn and Soybeans. Contributions from Illinois include the most up-to-date coverage of research and outreach by the nation's leading scholars and scientists in the industry.

Have a suggestion? See a problem? Like all web sites, Ag Com on AgNIC changes continuously and is never finished. Please notify the webmaster if you see ways to improve it.


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