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Welcome to the Corn, Soybeans and Agricultural Communications Web sites at the University of Illinois. They are being created by a team of librarians, staff, students and subject experts at the Isaac Funk Family Library, a branch library that serves the ACES (Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences) College at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. They are part of AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center), which is a distributed network that provides access to selected agriculture-related information, subject area experts, and other resources. It was established by an alliance of the National Agricultural Library, land-grant universities, and other organizations committed to facilitating public access to agricultural and related information.

The scope of these sites is to provide access to broad array of information about Corn, Soybeans and Agricultural Communications. We will try to provide information on the field crops corn and soybeans, including links to assist farmers with the external products they need to enable them to farm, and those that consume and use these agricultural products. We define agricultural communications as communications related broadly to agriculture, food, natural resources and rural affairs. As is the case with all web sites they are a continual work in progress, if you find an error or a significant site we have not yet included please email the webmaster (see link below).

Please read the following disclaimer.

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