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This international resource and service from the University of Illinois features concepts, issues, media and methods for human communications related to food and nutrition, farming and rural life, natural resources and the environment, renewable energy, natural fibers, rural development and other aspects of agriculture. Welcome to this interactive website and please check with us whenever we can help you identify and gather information.


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Gateway to Useful Links

We've sorted through more than 200,000 websites related to agricultural communications.

The mission of ACDC involves more than identifying, collecting and helping make available the huge, scattered body of knowledge about communications related to agriculture.

In addition, we also wish to help you connect with the dynamic, global Agricultural Communications Network in ways you may find useful. That is a big job, given the hundreds of thousands of websites featuring agricultural journalism and agricultural communications throughout the world.

Use these themed website clusters to help you connect

On this Gateway page you will find several special website clusters to help you connect with this network. We believe them to be the most comprehensive existing set of websites maintained by organizations of professional journalists and communicators whose interests span the many dimensions of agriculture.

We welcome your suggestions for other clusters that might interest you. Please notify us of additions or corrections at docctr@library.illinois.edu.