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This international resource and service from the University of Illinois features concepts, issues, media and methods for human communications related to food and nutrition, farming and rural life, natural resources and the environment, renewable energy, natural fibers, rural development and other aspects of agriculture. Welcome to this interactive website and please check with us whenever we can help you identify and gather information.


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Author Search Tips

To search by author:

1. You can use an author search to locate specific documents for which you have no title, but for which you have the author's full name or last name.

2. An author search can be helpful when you know the author's name and wish to learn the amount and kinds of agricultural communications literature the person has written.  You can generate a list of the author's documents available in this collection.

3. Also, this type of search can help you quickly learn the time period during which a given author wrote such literature.

Tips on searching by author:

Generally, search first on the author's last name only.  You may know the author's full name, but your search may be incomplete if you use a full-name search.  For example, if you search for:

Robert G. Parsons

...you may miss articles that identify the author as Robert Parsons, R. Parsons or Bob Parsons.

Instead, in this example, begin your author search by inviting a search for:




Most author lists are short enough that when you search on the last name you can then scroll through the generated list to find documents written by the specific author of interest to you.

If the last-name search generates a long list, you can scroll through the first part of it to learn the various ways in which your author of interest is identified.  Then you can go back to the search page and conduct individual searches for those variations.  Examples:

Search for: Robert G. Parsons
Search for: Robert Parsons
Search for: Bob Parsons

When you are looking for multiple authors, search first for the last names of those authors. Example:

Parsons and White

You can enter an author's full name in any order.  This search system will produce the same results whether you enter, for example:

Robert G. Parsons


Parsons, Robert G.

You need not worry about capitalization or punctuation marks.  This search system will produce the same results whether you enter, for example:

Robert G. Parsons


robert g parsons