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This international resource and service from the University of Illinois features concepts, issues, media and methods for human communications related to food and nutrition, farming and rural life, natural resources and the environment, renewable energy, natural fibers, rural development and other aspects of agriculture. Welcome to this interactive website and please check with us whenever we can help you identify and gather information.


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Contributed Collections

The ACDC collection contains documents from a multitude of sources, including the archives of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB), the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT), and the International Program for Agricultural Knowledge Systems (INTERPAKS). Our most precious source of information, however, is the generous contribution of personal collections by those who care deeply about agricultural communications. The ACDC would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the ACDC collection:

The Alison Collection

Picture of Kathy Alison

The Alison Collection includes reports and articles focused on water and irrigation project management and resource policy in Asia and the Near East from 1989 to 1992. Geographical regions discussed include Egypt, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In addition, the collection includes information on an environmental program for the Danube River basin in Europe. The co-author and contributor of these documents, Kathy Alison, is a senior management consultant, trainer and facilitator with over 22 years of experience. Her extensive international experience in collaborative problem solving, consensus building, and policy formulation can be clearly seen throughout the Alison collection.

The Ovid Bay Collection

Picture of Ovid Bay

The Ovid Bay Collection features the writings of nationally respected agricultural journalist Ovid U. Bay. The documents in this collection detail the introduction of electronic information technologies during the 1980s. The majority of articles are concentrated on the evolution of extension services at land-grant universities. Especially important to this evolution is the pioneering of electronic delivery of news releases, an indispensable practice in information offices today.

The Behrens Collection

Picture of John Behrens

The Behrens Collection encompasses a variety of information about strategies for agricultural communication and education. Topics include use of audio-visuals, teaching methods, and constructing informational exhibits. All documents in this collection were written by John H. Behrens, professor emeritus of agricultural communications at the University of Illinois. 

The Byrnes Collection

Picture of Francis Byrnes

The Byrnes Collection contains nearly 800 documents about planning, producing, and managing communication and training programs in agricultural research, extension, education, and development.

Emphasis is placed on behavioral science as an important framework for the study and application of communication. Documents in this collection were donated from the family of Francis. C Byrnes, communication scientist and consultant with more than 60 years of international experience.

The Kerry J Byrnes Collection

Picture of Kerry Byrnes

The Kerry J. Byrnes Collection covers a wide range of topics from fertilizer development and use to the implementation of free trade agreements in Latin America and the Caribbean. Several documents in the collection discuss the role farmer organizations and non-government organizations (NGOs) play in agricultural development and research. Kerry J. Byrnes, contributor of the documents in this collection, has worked in development since the late 1960s responding to the needs of universities and national and international agricultural organizations. Over the years, his work has taken him to more than 36 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. His experiences are a wonderful addition to the ACDC collection.

The Eldon Fredericks Collection

The Eldon Fredericks Collection contains 33 documents regarding the National Project in Agricultural Communicatiosn (NPAC), an initiative by Michigan State University that began in 1951. NPAC wanted to apply principles of the newly developing science of communications for a wider dissemination of information in the fields of agriculture and home economics. Eldon Fredericks was a leading agricultural communicator and educator who was based at Purdue University prior to his retirement.

The Guither Collection

Picture of Harold Guither

The Guither Collection contains many documents regarding public policy education. Articles highlight how the views of special interest groups affect agricultural policy and how attitudes toward agricultural and food policy issues are formed by both farmers and the public.  The author of this collection is Harold D. Guither, professor emeritus of agricultural economics at the University of Illinois.

The Hatesohl Collection

Picture of Delmar Hatesohl

The Hatesohl Collection holds  a variety documents used in the work of Dr. Delmar Hatesohl, former associate agricultural editor at the University of Missouri. Dr. Hatesohl has 31 years of experience in research, teaching, and extension communication, the reports and publications about which make up the body of this collection.

The Mason E. Miller Collection

Picture of Mason Miller

The Mason E. Miller Collection features 300 documents stressing the importance of communication within and about agriculture. The effects of technological innovation, information technology, technical writing, and agricultural programs on rural development and agricultural communication are examined in this collection.  Also in this collection are many documents about projects and programs in Indonesia, Cameroon, Philippines, India, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Latin America, Australia, showing the international application of agriculture communications. Documents in this collection were  donated by Mason E. Miller, who holds a Ph.D. in communication from Michigan State University.

The Read Collection

Picture of Hadley Read

Documents in the Read Collection review attitudes towards pesticide labeling in the early 1970s, the psychology of communicating to groups, and the potential for communications services, among other topics. The author and co-author of these documents, Hadley Read is the man to thank for the idea that has grown into the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center. As head of the Office of Agricultural Communications at the University of Illinois, his love for learning, professional growth, and communication inspired his associates to begin systematically identifying and sharing literature about agriculture-related communications.

The Shenton Collection

Picture of Steve Shenton

Topics covered in the Shenton collection include civic, public, and community journalism as well as freedom of expression and the press. As emeritus professor of communications and journalism at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Steve Shenton has fostered the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center by providing counsel and a keen eye for relevant literature. The Shenton collection showcases his 44 years of support.

The Harold B. Swanson Collection

Picture of Harold Swanson

The Harold B. Swanson Collection was one of the first large donations made to the Agriculture Communications Documentation center. Dr. Harold Swanson contributed his personal collection of more than 1,200 documents, including more than 100 documents he wrote, about the effective use of communication in agriculture. Material found in this collection studies where and how farmers and rural populations get information. Documents emphasizing strategies for communicating with different demographic groups, the role of communication in establishing agriculture in developing countries, and ways to effectively use different communication mediums, including (but not limited to) radio, television, newsletters, lecture, and magazines, can be found in this collection.

The Tichenor Collection

The Tichenor Collection features reports, journal articles, and conference papers concerning mass communication research methods, public opinion, and community media systems. Documents in this collection were contributed by professor emeritus of the University of Minnesota Phillip J. Tichenor, who worked with colleges at Minnesota for 35 years in a study of community structure and the sharing of knowledge to general and specialized audiences.

The Whiting Collection

Picture of Larry Whiting

The Whiting Collection addresses some of issues traditionally heeded by university extension services. Access to information, methods of information delivery, and challenges facing colleges of agriculture are all touched upon in the collection. Documents in this collection were written and contributed by Larry Whiting, professor of agricultural communications at Ohio State University.