Who is allowed to use the Funk ACES Library?

In-house materials can be used and photocopied by anyone while in the Funk ACES Library. However, only registered library patrons with valid University of Illinois identification may borrow materials from the library.  

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What forms of identification can be used to check out materials?

Please see the UIUC Library Circulation policy on Valid Library Identification Cards.

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What are the loan periods for different materials?

Books  4 or 16 weeks * 
Bound Journals  No Circulation *
Current Journals  No Circulation *
Class Reserves  2 hours or overnight *
Annuals, Yearbooks & Proceedings  1 week
USDA Publications  1 week 
State Agriculture Experiment Station Publications 1 week 
Microfilm & microfiche  1 week
CD-ROM databases (except Reference**) 4 or 16 weeks * 

*Undergraduates may borrow books for 4 weeks; graduate students and faculty for 16 weeks. 
*Periodicals may only be charged from the library briefly for photocopying.
*Reserves may only be borrowed overnight if the item is charged within an hour of closing.  Some reserve materials may have different loan periods and some materials are for in-library use only.
**Reference materials do not circulate.

If you have any further questions about loan periods, please ask the staff at the Funk ACES Library's circulation desk.

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What are the fines on overdue materials?

Please see the UIUC Library circulation policy on Overdue Notices, Overdue Fines and Billing.  

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Whom can I contact with billing questions?

If you receive an overdue notice but believe you already returned the item, contact the Funk ACES Library's circulation desk at (217) 333-2416.  

If you have a question about a bill you received for materials from the Funk ACES Library, contact Barb Trumpinski-Roberts at (217) 333-5081 or with questions.

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What is a call number?

A call number is a classification number assigned to each library item according to its subject area.

Most materials in the Funk ACES Library are shelved according to their Dewey Decimal call numbers. However, the most recent 5 years worth of journals are shelved alphabetically on the main floor of the Funk ACES Library. Current and last five years of USDA serial publications are also shelved alphabetically on the main floor of the Funk ACES Library. They are located next to statistics in the north-east corner of the main floor.

Some of the most populated call number ranges in the Funk ACES Library are as follows:

  • 630 Agriculture and related technologies
  • 631 Specific techniques, apparatus, equipment, materials
  • 632 Plant injuries, diseases, pests
  • 633 Field and plantation crops
  • 634 Orchard, fruits, forestry
  • 635 Garden Crops
  • 636 Animal husbandry
  • 637 Processing dairy and related products
  • 638 Insect culture
  • 639 Hunting, fishing, conservation, related technologies

Learn more about Dewey call numbers by visiting Dewey Decimal in the UIUC Bookstacks.

Some libraries in the UIUC system use an alternate method of classification, the Library of Congress (LC) Classification Scheme. These libraries include: the Asian Special Collection (in the Main Stacks), the Government Documents Library, the Law Library, and the Music Library. Click here to learn more about LC call numbers.

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What is the difference between my Library ID Number and my Patron ID Number?

The Library ID Number and the Patron ID Number are actually the same thing. These refer to the 14-digit number listed above the barcode on your i-card or courtesy borrowing card. If you received your ID from UIUC, then the number should begin "20111..."  

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What is the difference between the UIUC Online Catalog and the I-Share Catalog?

The UIUC Online Catalog is the catalog for all of the materials held in the UIUC libraries. The I-Share Catalog is the catalog for the over 60 academic Illinois libraries that belong to CARLI (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois). The UIUC community can borrow materials from the CARLI libraries via the I-Share Catalog

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Can I request to have library materials be sent to my campus address?

The UIUC Library provides this service, but it is limited to UIUC faculty, staff and graduate students only.

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A book that I want is currently charged out to somebody else.  What options do I have for getting this book?

First, look for additional copies that might be available at another UIUC library.  If there are none, then check to see if the item is available from another CARLI library by searching the I-Share Catalog . If it is not available from a CARLI library, submit an interlibrary loan request for it through UIUC Interlibrary Loan or WorldCat. For more options, please see the UIUC Library Circulation policy on Recalls.

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Can I see who checked out the books I want?

No, you cannot.  According to the Illinois Library Records Confidentiality Act, P.A. 83-179, effective January 1, 1984: "The registration and circulation records of a library are confidential information. Except pursuant to a court order, no person shall publish or make any information contained in such records available to the public." For more information on this topic, please see the UIUC Library's  Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records.

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What does "ACES Temp Storage" or "ACES Temp Storage [non-circulating]" mean?

"ACES Temp Storage" means the item is shelved on the east side of the fourth floor in the south end of the compact shelving section. "ACES Temp Storage [non-circulating]" means that the item is not available at the Funk Library. The item should be available at another library on campus. For help in locating another copy please see the Circulation or Reference staff.

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I received a notice stating that a book is being held for me. What should I do?

First, look at the notice to see at which library the book is being held. If the notice says "UIUC ACES", then the book is being held at the Funk ACES Library. In that case, bring the notice and your ID to the Funk ACES Library circulation desk to pick up the book. Books will be held for fourteen days before being discharged and returned to the shelves.

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Why did I receive a notice asking me to return a book before its due date?

Please see the UIUC Library policy on Recalls.

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Can I return books from any UIUC library to the Funk ACES Library?

Yes, you can return books from any UIUC library to the Funk ACES Library. In fact, you can return books from any CARLI library to the Funk ACES Library. A CARLI library is any library that appears in the I-Share Catalog. The only exceptions are Reserves and books marked "return to 104A."

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Can I return books from the Funk ACES Library to any UIUC library?

Yes, you can return books from the Funk ACES Library to any UIUC library. In fact, you can return books found in the Online Catalog to any CARLI library. A CARLI library is any library that appears in the I-Share Catalog. The only exceptions are Reserves and books marked "return to 104A."

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I found a book on the I-Share Catalog that is only available at an off-campus library. Can I request this book?

Please see the UIUC Online Library Catalog help page on Requests or the I-Share Online Requesting handout (PDF).

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In the Online Catalog, I requested a book that is available only through an off-campus library. If it gets lost in transit will I have to pay a fine?

No, you will not have to pay a fine. A book does not become your responsibility until you pick it up from the library. At that point, the library staff will check out the book to you. Using the campus mail option poses the only possible exception. When you request the campus mail option, the book is checked out to you at Central Circulation before being sent to your office. Therefore, you become responsible for the book while it is in transit from Central Circulation to your office. 

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How do I renew materials?

You can renew materials checked out from the UIUC Library or from any of the CARLI libraries yourself! Go to the UIUC Online Library Catalog and click on "My Account." You will need to log into your account with your Library ID number and last name. You'll see a list of all the materials you have checked out and have the option to renew them. For more information, please see the UIUC Library web page on Renewing Library Materials.

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How do I see:  What books I have checked out?  What fines I have?  The status of books I've requested? 

The answers to all of these questions can be found by looking in the UIUC Online Catalog under "My Account."  You will need to log into your account with your Library ID number and last name.

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My professor put some of our reading material on reserve. Where will I find it?

If the material is for a class in the College of ACES, you can find it at the Funk ACES Library’s circulation desk. If it is for a class in another department, ask your professor which library has the material. 

Print material (library material, intructor's personal copies, some exams) and audio-video material are located behind the circulation desk at the Funk library. These can be checked out for a specified length of time by presenting your student ID to the staff at the desk.

Additional class material may be found by going to the UIUC Online Catalog, and clicking on Course Reserves. You can then search by class or instructor. There will be a list of materials on reserve for your particular course, along with the location of the item(s). If there are additional readings that have been made accessible as electronic reserves there will be a link provided to access the materials.

Alternatively, some instructors have personal web sites for classwork.

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How do I access materials on reserve?  

You can look up class reserves on the Online Catalog by clicking on Course Reserves and searching by course number or instructor.  If you find an item you want, show it to the circulation staff along with your ID. The staff can then give you the available item and check it out to you, usually for 2 hours of use. Electronic Reserves have links provided that you can click on to access the materials.

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How long can I keep the reserve materials I checked out?

The loan period is generally 2 hours.  If you check out an item within an hour of closing, you can keep it overnight (unless it is an item that does not leave the library). It must be returned to the library the following day, within the first hour the library is open. For example, if the library opens at 8:30am it must be returned by 9:30am.  If an instructor has indicated that a particular item should have a longer loan period it will be noted on the book and the loan period will be indicated in the online check out system.

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What are the fines for not returning reserve materials on time?

You will be fined $2 per item for each hour or part of an hour that reserve materials are overdue. Reserve materials are in high demand and must be returned on time to insure access for everyone.

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I can't find a book I want in the UIUC Online Catalog.  How do I obtain a copy of it?

You have a few options. You can see if another CARLI library has the book by searching the I-Share Catalog. If they own it you can request it directly from their catalog. If it is not available through I-Share and you are a UIUC faculty, staff or student, you can request books through Interlibrary Loan. To do so, you may use either the  UIUC Interlibrary Loan or WorldCat online request forms.

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How can I get an article from a journal that isn’t available at the UIUC libraries?

First, check to see if the university has online access to the article through the Library Gateway's Online Research Resources. If UIUC does not have online access, and if you are a UIUC student, faculty, or staff member, you can make a photocopy request through Interlibrary Loan. Such requests usually take 7-10 days.

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How do I recommend that the Funk ACES Library add a book to its collection?

If you have a suggestion, we would like to hear from you. Contact us or fill out our online Collection Recommendations Form. Be sure to include as much information as you can, especially author, title, publisher and year.

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