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Weiss Military Collectors and Researchers Library

The Library is pleased to announce a special resource that will be added to its world-renowned holdings: The Julius L. and Dorothy U. Weiss Military Collectors and Researchers Library (MCARL). MCARL will be composed of an extensive collection of books, ephemera, posters, and other reference material collected by Julius and the late Dorothy Weiss (1926-2005) of Springfield, Illinois. MCARL will serve as a centralized resource for the many traditions and customs associated with military regalia.

In creating this collection, the Weisses were inspired by a portion of the Library of Congress mission statement that reads, “…to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.” This sentiment reflects the hope that the collection will provide a unique resource for the serious student of the field as well as foster greater interest in militaria for the more general enthusiast. It is expected that the rich and comprehensive holdings will provide a wealth of detail on military customs and traditions that will benefit military scholars around the globe.

MCARL is unique in breadth. It covers a wide range of peacetime activities plus an array of regional conflicts as well as World War I and II. It contains literature, ephemera, and other research materials including but not limited to:

Placing MCARL as a special collection under the direction of the University of Illinois Library will broaden research into the unique role the military has served in shaping many aspects of our society.  The collection and the research it generates then can be used to educate future generations about the selfless heritage of the many men and women who have served their country.

Julius and Dorothy Weiss established the Weiss Military Collectors and Researchers Library Collection after more than 50 years of research and collection. “We hope the Julius L. and Dorothy U. Weiss Military Collectors and Researchers Library will become a well-known tool in the study of the military and its impact. Also, we welcome others to join with us in telling these wonderful stories,” said the Weisses.

In the years to come, MCARL will serve as an important resource for serious students in the field as well as foster interest and respect by the more general enthusiast. For more information about this unique collection, please call (217) 333-5682.


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