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The following items are needed to enhance collections throughout the University Library System. Please call (217) 333-5683 or click on Make a Gift below to purchase one or more of these items.  If you make your gift online, please specify the amount of the book or item and the unit/library it is for along with its title or description under "Special Instructions."  

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Good sewing skills for The Rare Book & Manuscript Library are needed to help sew cotton covers for rare book cradles.  A simple pattern and the fabric will be provided to interested seamstresses (and seamsters).  Contact The Rare Book & Manuscript Library at (217) 333-3777 to participate.

The Undergraduate Library is looking for classic video game magazines and related periodicals as part of its vintage gaming archive. These materials will help augment our collection of vintage games, and serve as core sources for campus researchers investigating historical aspects of this important pop culture phenomenon. The Library has identified the following titles as being of interest to local researchers:


$190 for the Music and Performing Arts Library to purchase the Dance On: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen DVD.  In this program, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen outlines her concept of Body-Mind Centering®, which postulates that inner body structures affect body movement.  This title was suggested for the collection by the dance faculty to honor the life achievement of Chester Wolenski who has been teaching dance in the local community for the past 35 years.

NEW!$190 for the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library to purchase Sexually Transmitted Disease: An Encyclopedia of Diseases, Prevention, Treatment, and Issues . The 2-volume set features an alphabetical list of the 230-plus entries, a guide to related topics, and a timeline of STDs. Articles are signed by qualified experts and include a bibliography of suggested further readings. Case studies, illustrations, and informative insets and tables support the text.

$410 for the Map Library to purchase Bol’shoi kompleksnyi atlas Moskvv .  This atlas offers a comprehensive and chronological depiction of Moscow from the time of its founding to the present. It includes color maps and plans, graphs, tables, and text. The maps reproduced date from the 16th to the 20th century. This title will be of interest to historians of Russia and Europe as well as to scholars in urban development and city planning.

$415 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Hay Girk’e, 1901-1920 T’vakannerin = Armianskaia Kniga v 1901-1920 gg. = The Armenian Book, 1901-1920 . This is Volume 4 in the National Library of Armenia’s series of bibliographies covering the entirety of Armenian book publishing from its beginnings in 1512 (the series itself has been in preparation for nearly 50 years). With this purchase, Illinois will join the Library of Congress, the British Library, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, and the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek as the only libraries in the Western world to hold this volume, which indexes Armenian books from the early 20th century, including Armenia’s brief period of independence from Russian rule between 1918 and 1920.

$425 for the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art to purchase Van Dyck en España . The authors study Anthony Van Dyck’s (1599-1641) relationship with Spain in the 17 th century. The study includes newly discovered paintings by Van Dyck and his influence on Spanish painters of the time such as Velazquez and Murillo. 

$500/semester or $1,000/year to support the Library's mission in providing instructional services to the Ethnography of the University Initiative (EUI). Each semester the Library works with undergraduate researchers through EUI to support ethnographic research about the University of Illinois. This one-of-a-kind campus program engages students to work with the Library at many levels including using its primary source materials, participating in library instruction sessions, and archiving final projects in its institutional repository, IDEALS. Students attend library instruction to develop effective communication skills for a poster presentation and learn design principles. Gifts will be used to professionally print research posters that will disseminate student work at the bi-annual EUI Student Conference.  Click here for examples of student posters exhibited at the Ethnography of the University Initiative (Fall 2009/Spring 2010 Student Conference).

NEW!$550 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase South Ossetia presidential election materials. One of two disputed enclaves on the territory of the Republic of Georgia, South Ossetia was recognized as an independent nation by Russia and a handful of other countries as a result of the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia. The 2011-2012 presidential elections in the territory witnessed the surprising victory of educator Alla Dzhioyeva (which was subsequently annulled by the Supreme Court of South Ossetia amid allegations of fraud) and her eventual replacement by former KGB agent Leonid Tibilov. This digital collection makes available otherwise-inaccessible election ephemera from these hard-fought campaigns in a potential flashpoint between Russia and the West.

NEW!$550 for the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library to purchase the Gale Encyclopedia of Diets: A Guide to Health and Nutrition . This is a two-volume reference set of particular diets and related dietary topics, aimed at a general audience with little medical jargon. There are approximately 300 articles. Other features include lists of key-terms, "questions to ask your doctor" in the sidebar, a glossary of key terms, and a comprehensive resource section that includes a directory of organizations and support-groups, as well as a comprehensive general index.

$585 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Kypchakskii slovar’ po armianopis’mennym pamiatnikam XVI-XVII vekov , a major new resource for Turkic and comparative linguistics.   This dictionary is one of the best sources for reconstructing Kipchak, a Turkic language spoken on the steppes of southern Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan during the Middle Ages, and for understanding its role in the development of languages such as Kazakh and Tatar. 

$700 for the Music and Performing Arts Library to purchase Black Europe , a 44-CD and book set that features people of African descent in Europe from the earliest years of the recording industry and continued after the First World War. Music, spoken word, and dance from all styles, categories, languages, and natal lands provide a lost but rich resource. Many artifacts may be lost forever, but this project traces the surviving evidence. Black Europe will be of benefit to music scholars as well as cultural studies scholars and others interested in the African Diaspora.

$740 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Tverskiia gubernskiia viedomosti (12 microfilm reels). One of the major cities of medieval Russia, Tver’ retained prominence through the 19th century and beyond as a major link on the railway connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Library has an opportunity to acquire the official weekly newspaper of Tver’ province (not held by any library in the United States, and not currently being offered by any Slavic or East European vendor) from the National Library of Finland.

$750 for the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library to purchase House of Commons, 1820-1832 .  These volumes contain biographies of the 1,367 Members of the House of Commons from 1820 to 1832, surveys of elections and politics in the 383 constituencies of Great Britain and Ireland over the same period, and an introduction which analyzes and sets them in context. The result of more than 20 years' work in archives and libraries throughout Britain, Ireland and abroad, they constitute the most comprehensive survey of British and Irish politics during the period.

NEW!$795 for the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library to acquire The Companion to Language Assessment . This 4-volume set examines the key issues for practitioners and scholars of language teaching and assessment, the impact on language learners, and specific approaches to assessment employed around the world.

$810 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Lifliandskiia gubernskiia viedomosti, one of over 80 official provincial newspapers of the Russian Imperial government.  Published three times a week in German and Latvian, it records the activities and initiatives of the provincial, municipal, and local authorities in what are now parts of Latvia and Estonia.  This title is not currently available at any other library in North America.

$865 for the Music and Performing Arts Library to purchase the most recent volumes in the Masterclass Media Foundation series.  These 20 volumes on DVD feature world-class musicians giving masterclasses and teaching students, or discussing, analyzing, and demonstrating their own approach to the performance of works with which they are associated.  Because masterclasses are an invaluable way for students to learn, the opportunity to view these videos would benefit School of Music students greatly.

$995 for the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art to purchase William Scott: Catalogue Raisonné of Oil Paintings . William Scott (1913-1989) is an important figure in 20 th century European art and painted over 1,000 works in oil. This four-volume publication details Scott’s oeuvre from 1926-1986. Scott was a student in Northern Ireland and the Royal Academy in London. During the late thirties he established a School of Painting at Pont Aven, France. This landmark work contains over 380 color illustrations documenting the artist’s life, work, and influence.

$1,000 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Srpska bibliografija: knjige: 1868-1944 , a twenty-volume retrospective bibliography of Serbian books published during this turbulent era of collapsing empires, World Wars, and the rise of both Serbian nationalism and pan-Yugoslav identity.  As the successor to Srpska bibliografija za noviju knjizevnost, 1741-1867, which is already owned by the Library, it indexes a complete range of intellectual activity for the period.

$1,000 for the Music and Performing Arts Library looking to purchase Explorations of the Shadow World . From the set’s description, “The complete set chronicles the creation of a unique visual and theatrical vocabulary through documentary films as well as the traditional and innovative [Balinese] shadow work performed by the [ShadowLight] company over the past thirty years”. This 10 DVD set will be of use to students and scholars of music, dance, theatre and world cultures.

$1,255 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Women in Colonial India: Historical Documents and Sources . This important five-volume set brings together key primary sources on topics such as female infanticide, widow-burning, education, health, and marriage and will be of interest to scholars in history, women’s and gender studies, as well as South Asian area studies. It is not widely held in U.S. libraries and would be an excellent addition to the Library’s strong South Asian collection. 

NEW!$1,300 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Georgian Parliamentary election materials. As the first national election since Georgia’s five-day war with Russia in 2008, the 2012 parliamentary election resulted in a major defeat for President Mikheil Saakashvili and his ENM party after years of anti-government demonstrations. The 2,000+ pages of campaign statements, materials from election-related events, legal documents, etc. in this digital collection will shed light on the rivalry between Saakashvili, billionaire opposition figure Bidzina Ivanishvili, and other parties as they articulated their respective visions for Georgia’s future.

NEW!$1,410 for the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library to purchase the Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health . Expanded to six volumes, with over 150 new entries, this third edition is destined to outshine the previous ones. Entries cover disease and disorders, tests and procedures, equipment and tools, human biology and body systems, the nursing and allied health professions, and current health issues.

$1,475 for the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library to purchase Muslim World, 1100-1700: Early Sources on Middle East History, Geography and Travel .  This eight-volume set contains texts translated from contemporary manuscripts and books.  The Royal Asiatic Society (RAS), founded in 1823, was the main center in Britain for scholarly work on Asia in the 19th century, and has been a publisher since 1829.  This set is the second collection of RAS Classics reissued by global publisher Routledge in association with the Society.

$1,500 for the Modern Languages and Linguistics Library to purchase the six most recent volumes of the Œuvres complètes de Montesquieu (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation). This set of the works of one of France’s most prominent authors will significantly enhance the Library’s collection about the French Enlightenment.

$1,800 for the Reference, Research, and Scholarly Services to purchase an Annapolis globe for the Reading Room where reference materials such as atlases, almanacs, bibliographies, dictionaries, concordances, indexes, and research guides are located.  The Annapolis, a 20-inch diameter illuminated globe featuring a hand-applied, hand cut map and, more than 4,200 place names, will offer students, faculty, and any world traveler endless discoveries.  The globe's dark walnut base will echo the wooden columns found within the Main Library's Reading Room.

NEW!$1,900 for the Music and Performing Arts Library to complete its holdings of the important Archives Internationales de Musique Populaire series of popular world music recordings from VDE Gallo. MPAL currently has only 22 of the 117 discs available. One of the most highly-acclaimed and well-documented series of ethnomusicological recordings, this set is a critical resource for those studying music and culture around the world.

$1,940 for the International and Area Studies Library to obtain 13 microfilm reels of Yulduz .  Published and edited by the famous Tatar intellectual and political activist Ahmadhadi Maqsudi (1868-1941) between Russia’s twin revolutions of 1905 and 1917, Yulduz (translation: The Star) provided a Muslim perspective on the political, social and literary issues of the day.  The University Library already owns microfilm of this important title for 1916 and 1917, and now has an opportunity to complete its run.

$2,000 for the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs to partially support the participation of a visiting librarian in the Center’s Summer Associate program.  This gift will help to defray the cost of housing and the program fee for one librarian from another country to participate in the program.

$2,000 for the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs to partially support a visiting public or academic librarian in the Center’s programs. Many librarians from other countries do not have enough funding to support their participation. This gift will help to defray the cost of housing and the program fee for librarians outside the United States and give them the opportunity to explore and engage with current issues and trends in the field of librarianship. 

$2,080 for the Funk Library CPLA Reference & Resource Center to purchase the National Garden Association’s Market Research Survey Package.  This package consists of four highly regarded surveys:  1) “2011 National Gardening Survey”, 2) “Hard Times & Lawn & Garden Survey”, 3) “What Gardener’s Think Survey”, and 4) “Environmental Lawn & Garden Survey.”  The information supplied by these surveys will give our student and faculty researchers insights that are important to decisions about landscape and garden designs, consumer support, and marketing. 

NEW!$2,500 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Ukrainian Parliamentary election materials. As the last national election prior to the 2013-2014 Euromaidan protests and subsequent confrontation with Russia, the 2012 parliamentary election in Ukraine determined the political landscape against which those events are still playing out.  Among other developments, 2012 marked the first national electoral success of the right-wing Svoboda party, now a controversial part of Ukraine’s interim government. This digital collection of nearly 2,000 documents (posters, leaflets, fraud complaints, party programs, political advertisements, etc.) collected during the campaign will add valuable, recent primary-source material to the Library’s substantial Ukrainian holdings.

$2,905 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase the most recent volumes of Oruzhie i tekhnologii Rossii: entsiklopediia XXI vek = Russia’s arms and technologies: the XXI century encyclopedia (v.12, Ordnance and Munitions; v.13, Control, communication and radio electronic warfare systems; v.14, Nuclear weapons complex; v.15, Security and law enforcement facilities; v.16, Military vehicles; v.17, Logistic support facilities). Individual volumes provide invaluable information about the state of the contemporary Russian military. This encyclopedic set is useful for researchers of political science, international affairs, and many other fields of study, and it will continue to be of significance to many students and scholars in the future.

$3,000 for the Library and Information Science Virtual Library to fund the hiring of a graduate student to take on a special project—scanning the Library’s significant collection of historical public library annual reports. This student would work through the copyright permissions for the post-1923 materials. Scanning will allow these items to be more widely accessible and findable (due to enhanced cataloging taking place at the same time). In addition, the print materials will be stored at the Oak Street Library Facility where they will be better preserved.

$4,000 for the Conservation Lab to purchase an AGS 2000 ultra sonic mister that allows for very detailed/fine treatments in the lab.  Specifically, this mister is used to locally apply organic solvents in a mist form.

$4,450 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase Azarbaycan Respublikasi ahalisinin siyahiyaalinmasi, 2009 .  As a complement to its excellent holdings of Russian and East European census materials dating back to the 19th century, the Library would like to purchase this complete 2009 Azerbaijani census.  Each of its 23 volumes is devoted to a different aspect of contemporary Azerbaijan, featuring statistics on the composition of households, employment, ethnicity, language, education, marital status, and other detailed demographic data, all accompanied by color illustrations and maps.  Included are two additional volumes with summary data in Azeri and English that round out the set.

NEW!$4,620 for the International and Area Studies Library to purchase access rights to the online Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Culture (EWIC).  The EWIC consists of 6 volumes published between 2003-2007; there are 1,246 articles on all women in Muslim majority and Muslim minority societies written by 907 scholars from around the world. The EWIC offers a view of the complexities, diversities, pluralities, specificities, contradictions, and historical transformations in the civilizational experiences of Islamic cultures as they pertain to women. EWIC documents the complexities and the diverse experiences of women in Islamic cultures.

$5,000 for the Communications Library to add back issues of the Archives for the London International Advertising (LIA) Awards to its collections.  LIA, in its 27 th year, has established itself as a global leader honoring creativity and new ideas in advertising and design media and digital platforms.

$5,365 for the Education and Social Science Library to purchase the International Encyclopedia of Education, 3rd edition .  This new eight-volume set totally replaces the 1994 second edition, covering all aspects of education in an international context.  This is a critical reference source for students and faculty in the field of education.

To fund one of these items or to ask for additional titles in an area of interest, call (217) 333-5682 or email

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