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The explosive growth in scholarly information, new disciplines to be served, rapid advancement of electronic media, and rising prices make it increasingly difficult for the Library to acquire research materials needed by faculty, students, and the many publics it serves.
Campaign Focus

• Maintain traditionally strong collections

• Acquire materials in emerging areas of teaching and research interest

• Strengthen access to electronic, digital, and other nonprint resources

Today, nearly 40 percent of the Library’s collections are in danger of deterioration due to the high acid content of older paper and unstable nonprint materials, such as magnetic media. Without external funding, the Library’s Preservation and Conservation Program will not be able to halt current deterioration, save important information, and improve storage conditions. One of the immediate goals is to complete the Mellon Matching Gift Program for preservation, which will provide $700,000 in endowment funds contingent on the Library’s ability to raise $1.4 million—to date, more than $770,000 has been raised.

Campaign Focus

• Conserve materials with artifactual value

• Treat endangered materials to prevent further damage

• Reformat the information content of unsalvageable items

• Install and maintain environmental controls to slow the rate of deterioration

For more information about the Library Campaign, including options for giving, please contact the Library Office of Development and Public Affairs at (217) 333-5682 or e-mail


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