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As an undergraduate, I found the vast, high, light-filled reading room to be a sort of temple of learning—most of which I despaired of ever mastering—and in graduate school, after taking courses on the use of the library for research, I was even more awed by how much of human knowledge is contained in that building. Illinois is a great university, and the Library is its heart.

— Roger Ebert

BS, 1964

Library Fact:
Books are Stored Outside the Library Too
Oak Street High Density Storage at the Oak Street Library Facility provides remote storage for less-used Library materials, as well as materials that require ideal preservation conditions. It currently houses 3.6 million items (items are shelved strategically to ensure the least amount of storage space is wasted) in a climate-controlled environment kept at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 30% relative humidity to maintain the structural integrity of print resources.