Features definitions of a wide variety of acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations and similar contractions that allows users to quickly and easily translate terms into their full names or meanings. New terms from subject areas such as associations, education, the Internet, medicine and others are now included.

Definitions of popular American abbreviations, including more recent technological abbreviations. Includes acronyms, blends, clippings, foreign words, initialisms, numericals, and truncations.

Dictionary containing idioms and popular phrases of the English language. Contains information about context and provides examples.

Links to full text dictionaries, including foreign languages, subject areas, and the English language.

This book contains information about popular slang phrases in contemporary America.

Alphabetical listing of foreign phrases, proverbs, maxims, and abbreviations frequently used in English.

The 6th edition of a popular book containing medial abbreviations and symbols across all medical specialties. Its alphabetical arrangement makes searching easy, and expanded coverage of symbols makes more of them easier to find.

While not as comprehensive as other sources, this is a good quick reference site from an authority in dictionary publishing.

OneLook is a meta-dictionary. Enter an English language word or acronym, and OneLook will search its index of over 900 general and special interest dictionaries for the definition.

This resource offers over 350,000 definitions from various Oxford dictionaries covering US, British, and worldwide English.Also includes more than 600,000 thesaurus entries.

The definitive record of the English language. Chronological examples of usage make it especially good for researching the historical development of words.

Oxford's high-quality bilingual language reference content in an expanding range of languages. Now including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

Provides a variety of links to specialized subject dictionaries in many different areas.

A graphical dictionary/thesaurus that allows you to see the relations between words, concepts, and associations.

An online project that gives as much information as possible for words, such as images, statistics, pronounciation, and multple definitions.