Addresses & Phone Numbers

AnyWho (AT&T) 

An internet equivalent of "white pages," notable features include maps, reverse lookups (enter the phone number and it will return the owner's name and address), the ability to perform a "people" search without entering a last name, and a toll-free directory. AnyWho also includes basic business listings.

Area Code Lookup 

From NANPA, this resource includes an area code search, information about future area codes, and general information about area codes.

Area Decoder 

Provides you with current information related to area codes, city codes, and country codes. 

International calling instructions, country codes, area codes, and phone books. 

An Internet equivalent of "Yellow Pages," for resident and business contact information.

Telephone Directory on the Web 

A portal page that includes international telephone directories on the web.

United States Postal Service Address and ZIP Code Information

Find the ZIP+4 code for a given address (or the community name, if you know the ZIP).

World of Learning 
This database includes over 30,000 universities, colleges, schools of art and music, libraries, learned societies, research institutes, museums, and art galleries. All entries provide: name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, and internet addresses.