Classification Numbers in Environmental Studies

Listed are the Dewey and Library of Congress classification numbers where environmental materials are grouped in libraries. Please note this is not an exhaustive list.  Either classification system will help you browse library materials in the
UIUC Online Library Catalog .

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Subject Term

Dewey Decimal Classification 

LC Classification

Air pollution 363.7392  
Agricultural conservation 333.76 S900 to S954
Animal ecology 591.7 QH540 to QH549
Aquatic and freshwater ecology 577.6  
Aquatic resources 333.91  
Biodiversity       333.95  
Coastal ecology 577.51  
Conservation of natural resources        333.72  
Ecology 577  
Environment   GE
Environmental chemistry 577.14  
Environmental impact studies   333.714     
Environmental law     344  
Environmental medicine                           616.98  
Environmental pollution 363.73 TD172 to TD196
Environmental problems 333.7  
Environmental protection 363.7 TD169 to TD171.5
Environmental protection engineering 628  
Environmental toxicology 571.95    
Environmentalist parties (political) 324.2187     
Forest conservation and protection 333.72 SD411 to SD428
Hazardous materials 363.17  
Human ecology 304.2 GF1 to GF900
Industrial waste 363.728 TD895 to TF899
Marine ecology 577.7  
Meteorology 551.5  
Municipal refuse and solid wastes 363.7285 TD785 to TD812.5
Natural resources and energy; environment 333.7 to 333.958  
Over or underpopulation 363.91 HB871
Plant ecology 581.7 QK900 to QK989
Pollution 363.73    
Population problems 363.9   
Recycling 363.7282   
Soil conservation 333.7316 or 631.45  
Soil erosion 551.302  
Soil fertility 631.422  
Soil pollution 363.7396 TD878 to TD894
Soil science 631.4  
Toxicology 571.95  
Waste disposal 363.728   
Water conservation 333.9116  
Water pollution 363.7394 TD201

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