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2006 Edible Book Festival

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Sponsors: The University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign, Alpha Chapter of Beta Phi Mu, the Library & Information Science honor society, School of Art & Design (UIUC), Pages for All Ages, Borders, Espresso Royale at UGL.

Doyle Moore, resident chef at WILL AM 580 and professor emeritus of Art & Design, judged the entries. Seven were awarded top honors (indicated by two stars) and another seven were selected as noteworthy (indicated by one star). Winning entrants received food- and/or art-related prizes donated by local businesses and university groups.


2brittlebook 2quipu 2toast
**Kathleen Kern
Brittle Book
**Nelly Gonzalez & Vera Mitchell
**Bea Nettles
The Toast of the Town
2deadseascrolls 2pizza 2petersons_top
**Lucy Moynihan, Chris D'Arpa & Cathy Oedenwalt
Dead Seaweed Scrolls
**Sue Searing
Melvil Dewey's Pizza
**Buffy Vance
Welcome Spring
horsdo blindbook 1bookofhours
**Katheleen Smith
Les hors d'Oeuvres
*Krista Carron
Rice Crispies Blind Book
*Paula Carns
Tasty Book of Hours
1bitesize davinci smor
*Katie Hurgave
Bite Size
*Katie Duchene
The DaVinci Code: Edible Edition
*Mary Lindsey
Just S'More Bitter Break-Up Lines
2cuniform 1greencookies harrypotter
*Eleanore Stasheff
Cuneiform Cakes
*Molly Sullivan
Nutritional Information
Elizabeth Rome
Harry Potter
catinhat gum hammingitup
Sue Rome
Cat in the Hat
Areujana Sin
Scroll Book
Gail Heuting
Hamming It Up
iamabook nori gingerbread
Sophia Lee
This is a Book
Jasmine Kummer
It's a Closed Book
Jillian Nickell
The Tragic Story of the Gingerbread Man
pills cookbook openme
Vlasta Komorous-Towey
Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Michelle Rowe
Better Homes & Gardens
Andy Milofsky
Marian the Librarian
hands chocake
Lauren Hilty
Peace Pancakes
Allison Schimitt
Another Birthday