Descriptive Catalogue of the Government Publications of the United States, Sept. 5, 1774-March 4, 1881. (1885) U.S. Congress. Senate. Senate Miscellaneous Document No. 67, 48th Congress, 2nd Session (Serial Set 2268). New York: Johnson Reprint Corp., 1970.

As is evident from its title, Poore covers the earliest time period of any of the indexes and covers all documents published by the U.S. government. The descriptions are in chronological order and give the title, the source of the document, the document number, and a very brief summary of the document's contents. Subject access is possible through an index of subjects and names which gives the page number of more complete descriptions of each item. In order to locate a copy of a document issued after 1789 in the Serial Set, the document number needs to be looked up in the 1909 Checklist or the CIS U.S. Serial Set Index, which will then give the volume of the Serial Set where the document is located.

Sample Entry:


Message on Presents from the King of Siam. Prest. Abraham Lincoln.Feb. 26, 1862 Senate Docs., No. 23, 37th Cong., 2nd sess., Vol. IV.7 pp. Transmitting a copy of two letters from the King of Siam to the President, accompanied by certain presents, with the President's reply thereto. Resolutions for Public Surveys. Kansas Legislature Feb. 26, 1862 Senate Mis. Docs., No. 23, 37th Cong., 2nd sess., Vol. IV2 pp. In favor of an appropriation to extend the lines of the public surveys over the unsurveyed portion of the State, and the extinguishment of Indian titles to lands in said State.

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