Public Documents of the First Fourteen Congresses, 1789-1817: Papers Relating to Early Congressional Documents. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Congress, Senate, 1900. Senate Document No. 428, 56th Congress, 1st Session (Serial Set 3879).

This is a chronological list of the documents of the early congresses, 1789-1817. There is no subject index, so it is most useful for obtaining full information about a document that has already been identified. Citations are organized by congress number, then by House and Senate, then by session number. The daily journal of each body is listed first, then other documents are organized by document type. Dates are always given, but locations are often missing or refer to specific libraries where the document could be found at the time this volume was published. For example, in the sample entry below "Not in N.Y.P.L." means that the document cannot be found at the New York Public Library. A.S.P, in contrast, refers to the American State Papers, which are available in many libraries.

Sample Entry:


HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Second Session, December 5, 1796 to March 3, 1797 Speaker: Jonathan Dayton, New Jersey Clerk: John Beckley, Virginia JOURNAL 4 C: 2 S.December 5, 1796. Journal of the House. Philadelphia.William Ross1796.299 DOCUMENTS 4 C: 2 S.December 7, 1796 Message from the President. See Senate, this date. 4 C: 2 S.December 14, 1796 Letter accompanying sundry statements in relation to annual expenditure of the War Department, from the commencement of the present Government to December 31, 1795. Not in N.Y.P.L. 4 C: 2 S.December 14, 1796 Letter from Secretary of Treasury Wolcott, accompanying a plan for laying and collecting direct taxes by apportionment among the several States, agreeably to the rule prescribed by the Constitution, in pursuance of a resolution of the House of April 4, 1796. Published by order of the House of Representatives. Ex. Docs. 82 pp. N.Y.P.L. Philadelphia, 1796. 68 (8) p. and 9 nbdsd. sheet. nar. folio. A. S. P., Fin., 1: 414-465.

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