CIS Congressional Universe

CIS Congressional Universe

Congressional Information Service. ProQuest Congressional Universe

Congressional Universe is a commercial product available only to libraries that pay a subscription fee. It provides access to full text congressional information, including legislative histories from 1984, full text of bills and bill tracking from 1989, congressional testimony from 1988, committee reports from 1990, selected committee prints from 1996, congressional documents from 1995, and the Congressional Record from 1985. In order to search by subject, choose "Congressional Publications" from the main menu and then choose "Search by Subject." Search terms can be entered directly, or the list of index terms can be browsed. From the Congressional Publications menu, you can also search the full text of reports, documents, prints or the Congressional Record.

Congressional Universe indexes documents back to 1970, making it a good electronic option for locating documents back to that date. However, they must be retreived in another format.

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