CIS Congressional Committee Prints Index

CIS Congressional Committee Prints Index

CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index through 1969. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Information Service, Inc., 1980.

CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints. Washington D.C.: Congressional Information Service, Inc., 1980.

This commercially published index covers a microfiche set of the research reports prepared at the request of Congress. It contains an Index by Subjects and Names, which refers to a reference bibliography. Reference numbers in the reference bibliography begin with an H (House), S (Senate), or J (Joint Committee), and the Congress, Session and year are also given. The reference bibliography contains brief bibliographic descriptions, including a SuDoc call number if the report was released through the Federal Depository Library Program, the name of the committee associated with the report, and subject references. If the report was not released to Depository Libraries, its entry in the reference bibliography will not have a SuDoc number or Serial Set reference and it is only available as part CIS's microfiche set.

Sample Entry (Index by Subjects and Names):


Education Goals in education for 1965 (89/1/65)H0667 History of American education, some important dates in (88/1/13) H1926

Sample Entry (Reference Bibliography):


H0667: Education goals for 1965 [with presidential message on education] v+170 p. Jan. 1965. (89/1/65) Y4.Ed8/1:Ed8/25. House Committee on Education and Labor Education; Higher education; Elementary and secondary education; National goals; Presidential communications and messages; Elementary and Secondary Education Act; Higher Education Act


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