Congressional Information Service. CIS/Annual.  Washington DC: Congressional Information Service. 1970-.

Since 1970, the material previously covered in the CIS Serial Set Index, CIS Congressional Committee Hearings Index, and CIS Congressional Committee Prints Index has been combined into one set, CIS/Annual. Similar to the older CIS indexes, there is a cumulative index which refers to abstracts in an annual volume. Abstract numbers begin with H (House), S (Senate), or J (Joint). The same material is accessible online via the subject index in ProQuest Congressional.

Sample Entry from Subject index 1975-1978:


Nuclear test ban Arms Control and Disarmament Agency annual rpt, 1976, Pres communic, 77 H460-11 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, congressional study mission rpt. 78 S202-6

Sample Entry from 1977 volume:


H460-11 U.S. ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMANENT AGENCY 1976 ANNUAL REPORT: Communication from the President Jan 20,, 1977. 95-1 ix + 35 p. + CIS/MF/3 * Item 996 H.Doc. 95-58 MC 77-12761 Transmittal of sixteenth annual report of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) highlighting 1976 activities, including international negotiations on nonproliferation, nuclear testing, SALT, mutual force reductions, arms transfers, environmental modification, chemical weapons, research, and public information activities. Appendices (p. 19-35) contain text of Presidential announcement on nuclear energy policy, Oct, 28, 1976 (p. 19-30), text of draft convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (p. 31-34), and list of ACDA appearances before congressional committees during the 94th Congress, 2d session (p. 35).

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