LIS 590 LAL: Latin American Studies Librarianship



IGO Country Information

CEPAL publications
These contain a mix of statistics and analysis on each country in the region.
GEO Data Portal
Provides environmental data for each country and region. Displays the results as maps, graphs, and spreadsheets.
Human Development Reports web site
Contains the global Human Development Report and the human development reports devoted to particular regions and developing countries. The site also provides a tool for constructing customized tables.
Latin America & the Caribbean (World Bank)
Offers publications, statistics, and other information about the region and individual countries.
Official Document System of the United Nations (ODS)
Provides access to full-text UN documents through three search interfaces.
UNBISnet: United Nations Bibliographic Information Service
Contains an index to votes and speeches in UN's General Assembly, Security Council, and other main bodies since the early 1980s.
United Nations Statistics Division
Two links in the left sidebar lead the user to lists of national statistical agencies and intergovernmental organizations that publish statistics. The amount and quality of data provided by different countries vary significantly.
WDI Online
Contains over 700 statistical series by country and region.
World Drug Report
Covers the production, trafficking, and use of illicit drugs. This is the most reliable source of its kind.
World Population Policies 2007
Contains data on births, deaths, maternal health, and government policies related to population.


Other Country Information

National Security Archive
Offers access to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.


Sources on Latinos/as

American FactFinder
Contains statistics on the 2000 and 2010 censuses of population and housing and the American Community Survey. 
Historical Census Browser
It lacks much of the material contained in the print volumes of the decennial censuses, but there is no comparable electronic product covering the censuses from 1790 to 1960,
UIUC Catalog
Provides access to the full text of most government documents and publications issued since the late 1990s. Permanent addresses (PURLs) are marked by a large red 'e'.


Government Search Engines

Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine
Indexes more than 300 Web sites of international governmental organizations (IGOs)
Indexes web sites of the U.S. government and sites for states, counties, and municipalities in the United States.

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