JOUR 400: Reporting I



General Finding Aids for Government Information

UIUC Online Catalog
Find online and print government reports, hearings, and other sources. To limit your search to U.S. government titles, follow these steps:
1)  Select the Advanced Search.
2)  In the first box, enter the words, United States.
3)  In the first pull-down menu, select, these words as a phrase.
4)  In the second pull-down menu, select, Author Words.
5)  Enter keywords or subject words on the other lines.
6)  When the results appear, go to the Sort by menu and select Newest First.
7)  The online documents have a red E for 'electronic' to the side.
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
Find government reports distributed to depository libraries in print and on the Internet by title or keyword.
A portal to government information, especially legislative and regulatory information.
A consumer-oriented portal to government information on the Internet.
Web Site Locator for the United Nations System of Organizations
A portal to key international governmental organizations.

Major Statistical Agencies and Publications

National Center for Education Statistics (ED1.100)
Condition of Education (ED1.109)
National Assessment of Educational Progress 
Digest of Educational Statistics (ED 1.310/2)
Census Bureau (C3.)
American FactFinder for 2000 and 2010 Census data.
Statistical Abstract of the United States (C3.134)
County and City Data Book (C3.134/2)
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book (C3.134/5)
Census of Governments (C3.145/4)
Statistical Agencies
National Center for Health Statistics (HE20.6200)
Healthy People 2020 (HE 20.2:P 39/3/:)
National Vital Statistic Reports (HE20.6217)
National Agricultural Statistics Service (A92.)
Census of Agriculture (A92.53)
Bureau of Economic Analysis (C59.)
Survey of Current Business (C59.11)
Energy Information Administration (E3.)
Annual Energy Review (E3.1/2)
Annual Energy Outlook (E3.1/4)
Bureau of Justice Statistics (J29.)
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (J29.9/6)
Bureau of Labor Statistics (L2.)
Consumer Price Index (L2.38:3-2)
Occupational Employment and Wages (L2.120)
Bureau of Transportation Statistics (TD12.)
National Transportation Statistics (TD12.1/2)
United Nations Development Programme
Human Development Reports

Finding Aids for Statistics

ProQuest Statistical Insight  UIUC Subscription
Limit your search by subject, title, geographic area, demographic characteristics, and economic characteristics.  Searches federal, state, international, and private sources. 
Find statistics available on U.S. government web sites, either by topic or by agency.
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (C3.134)
Use source notes at the bottom of each table to find more detailed statistics.

Finding Aids for Federal Legislation

ProQuest Congressional UIUC Subscription
1789-present.  Some links to full text for more recent citations.
Index available 1973-present.  Full text available 1989-present.
How Our Laws Are Made, Charles W. Johnson
This site by the Parliamentarian of the U.S. House of Representatives explains the process of passing a federal law and the documents generated along the way.


Finding Aids for State Legislation

LexisNexis State Capital UIUC Subscription
Search bills and laws across any combination of states from 1990 to the present.
Legal Information Institute: Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes
Access the legislative web pages of individual states as well as Uniform Laws as passed by the states and state laws by topic.
National Conference of State Legislatures
This nonprofit organization reports on legislation across all 50 states on many topics.  NCSL reports can also be searched through LexisNexis State Capital.
Illinois General Assembly
Access bills, laws, reports, and other information about the Illinois General Assembly at this site.  Some information available from 1997-present.
Researching Legislative History, Richard D. Edwards
This site from the Illinois General Assembly's Legislative Reference Bureau explains the process of passing a law in Illinois and how to find the intent of the General Assembly in passing a bill. 

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