ACE 387: Textiles in the Global Economy



Industry and Product Classification Tools

Bridge between NAICS and SIC  Presents comparisons between the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) for the 1997 Economic Census.




North American Industry Classification System.  Washington, D.C.: Office of Management and Budget, 1997.  Call no. DOC.PREX2.6/2:IN27/997.

Standard Industrial Classification Manual.  Washington, D.C.: Office of Management and Budget, 1987.  Call no. DOC.PREX2.6/2:IN27/987.

NAICS Search  Allows the user to search the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification Manual by keyword.  Scroll down to access a SIC code search.


General Statistical Sources

American Statistics Index.  Bethesda: Congressional Information Service, 1974-.  Call no. 317.3Am33sup.  
Indexes statistical tables published by the U.S. government.  Tables that are not available on the web can be found on other media with the assistance of a government documents librarian.

Index to International Statistics.  Bethesda:  Congressional Information Service, 1983-.  Call no. 016.31In3.  
Indexes statistics published by international governmental organizations, such as the United Nations and World Bank.  The tables themselves appear in a microfiche set located in the Government Documents Library.  A government documents librarian will help you find the tables you need.

Statistical Abstract of the United States.  Washington, D.C.:  U.S. Bureau of the Census.  Call no. DOC.C3.134:  
This annual publication is the primary statistical compendium of the U.S. government and, for most purposes, the best place to start.  Its index--which refers to table numbers rather than page numbers--will lead you to roughly thirty tables on the textile industry and trade.  The online version for this source is composed of unwieldy pdf files, and most users prefer the hard copy.

Statistical Reference Index.  Bethesda: Congressional Information Service, 1983-.  Call no. 016.3173St2.  
Indexes statistics issued by state governments in the United States and a wide variety of private publishers.  The tables themselves appear in a microfiche set located in the Government Documents Library.  A government documents librarian will assist you.

ProQuest Statistical Insight. This index is the online version of the American Statistics Index, the Index to International Statistics, and the Statistical Reference Index.  It indexes statistics published by the U.S. government, state governments, international governmental organizations, and many private sources. Tables that cannot be accessed online are usually available on microfiche in the Government Documents Library, where a government documents librarian can assist you.  As an index, this source has no rival.


Statistical Sources Arranged by SIC and NAICS Codes

2007 Economic Census  The economic census provides statistics on industries and all other economic sectors and is conducted every five years.  

Annual Survey of Manufactures  Provides detailed annual statistics on the location, activities, and products of U.S. manufacturers.

County Business Patterns  This annual publication provides the type of information that is found in the economic census but with less detail.  Data is provided not only for counties but for each state and the entire United States as well.  SIC codes were used until 1998, when they gave way to NAICS.

Industry Economics Division Information Guide  Go to section II, "Gross Domestic Product by Industry Accounts," for industrial data on gross product, gross output, and shipments.


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