Help, Hints & Frequently Asked Questions for Using Discover

What does Discover do?

Discover provides direct links from a database citation to the full text of the article (if available) and other supporting resources.
See also the Discover overview page.

How do I access Discover?

Many databases to which the library subscribes are Discover-enabled. When you find a record in one of these databases, click on the Discover button Button: Discover UIUC Full Text Linking. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser in order for the Discover button to work properly.

What service options does Discover provide?

Because Discover is context specific, service options will change from citation to citation. When available, and as appropriate, Discover services offered will link to one or more of the following:

Full Text Services:

Additional Services:

Why is the full text not always available?

If a link to full text is not on the menu, then the Library does not license the electronic full text for the particular title or that particular issue may not be available. If the full text link is not shown, be sure to check the online catalog link to see if the journal title is available in print form.

Why is the full text option not available when I know the library has electronic access?

We are still adding resources to the Discover services. In the meantime please use the Online Research Resources (ORR) database to access the journal.

Can I use Discover services from off campus?

Yes. UIUC NetID holders can use the Discover-enabled databases when off-campus. When you first go to a UIUC-licensed resource from Discover's menu, you will be prompted to log in if necessary. 

Tell me more about Discover.

See the Discover overview page.

I need help using Discover.

Help is available from UIUC librarians. Contact your departmental library or use the Ask-a-Librarian service.

I would like to comment on Discover.

Use this form to send a message to the appropriate library staff.