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According to the Library's Strategic Plan, "The University Library shall identify priorities and implement programs for the development and preservation of digital content that supports user needs." As a first step toward providing a permanent mechanism under which this work can take place, the Digital Content Creation Team provides library units with assistance in developing digital library projects. For smaller digital projects, such assistance might take the form of metadata development, database design, and interface programming. For medium-size or large projects, DCCT may assist units in writing grant applications or securing other funding.

DCCT uses the following loose set of criteria to determine which projects it works on. Projects do not necessarily need to fulfill each of the factors, so library staff should consult with the DCCT chair before submitting a request for support.

  • Project Type: DCCT seeks to support projects which result in production-level systems. Funding for faculty reserach is available through the Research and Publication Committee. Funding for prototype/research projects where submission of a larger grant is anticipated is available through the ICR seed money competition.
  • Audience: Has an audience for the project been clearly identified? Is that audience core to our mission?
  • Uniqueness: Are the materials suggested for digitization already available in digital form elsewhere? Are they unique to the University of Illinois Library?
  • Rationale: Is the rationale for digitization clear? Why bother?
  • Standards: Does the project seek to make use of appropriate metadata standards (see UIUC Metadata Implementation Guide) and/or software currently supported by the Digital Services Development Unit?
  • Scale:: Will the project lead to large-scale and/or ongoing ditization of analog resources?
  • Support: Is there a demand for this resource for local instruction or national/international reserach? Are non-library faculty in support of the project?
  • Funding: Has a potential funding source been identified for the work to be done? If not, how much assistance from DCCT is contemplated given current projects?
  • Cost Recovery: Will the project, once complete, generate income for the library? If so, how will that income be used to sustain the project?

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