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About this image

About this image


1.     From Suffragia Woiewodztw y Ziem Koronnych, y W. X. Litewskiego, Zgodnie ná Naiásnieyssego Władisława Zygmunta ... roku 1632 ... Woiewodztwo Krákowskie. 1633.  Project Unica.

2.     Church of the Exultation of the Holy Cross, 401 W. Clark Street, Champaign, Illinois. 1930-1940. From Champaign-Urbana Historic Built Environment Photograph Collection.

3.     Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. 1764. Carte de l'Afrique.  Maps of Africa to 1900 Digital Collection.

4.     Lion (1935).  Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design.

5.     From Autobiography of a fugitive negro : his anti-slavery labours in the United States, Canada & England by Samuel Ringgold Ward, 1855.