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Central Public Services Division Membership


Business Information Services

Becky Smith

Central Access Services

Dani Postula, LSSC Representative (non-voting)

Richard Stokes (non-voting)

Cherie Weible

Government Information Services

Mary Mallory

Reference, Research and Scholarly Services

JoAnn Jacoby (Head)

Sarah Christensen (non-voting)

Jennifer Emanuel Taylor

Merinda Hensley

Karen Hogenboom

Kathleen Kern

Carissa Phillips

Mark Wardecker

Scholarly Commons

Merinda Hensley

Karen Hogenboom

Carissa Phillips

James Whitacre (non-voting)

Undergraduate Library

Lori Mestre (Head)

Susan Avery

Jim Hahn

Eric Kurt (non-voting)

David Ward

University Laboratory High School Library

Frances Harris (Head)

Office of Services

Lisa Hinchliffe

Jen-Chien Yu (non-voting)

Beth Woodard



Liaisons and Affiliates: 

Residence Hall Libraries

Gretchen Madsen Webb

Division Coordinator

Susan Avery, Aug 2013- August 2017

FRC Representative:

Mary Mallory, 12/1/2012 - 11/20/2015.

CDC Representative:

Jenny Emanuel Taylor, 8/2010-8/2014 (2nd term)

CPS Advisory Committee:

Merinda Hensley, 8/2012-8/2014

Lisa Hinchliffe, 8/2012-8/2014

Kathleen Kern, 8/2013-8/2015

Beth Woodard, 8/2013-8/2015