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Central Public Services Division Membership


Business Information Services

Becky Smith

Central Access Services

Dani Postula, LSSC Representative (non-votinh)

Richard Stokes (non-voting)

Cherie Weible

Government Information Services

Mary Mallory

Reference, Research and Scholarly Services

JoAnn Jacoby (Head)

Jennifer Emanuel

Merinda Hensley

Karen Hogenboom

Carissa Holler

Kathleen Kern

Mark Wardecker

Undergraduate Library

Lori Mestre (Head)

Susan Avery

Jim Hahn

Eric Kurt (non-voting)

David Ward

University Laboratory High School Library

Frances Harris (Head)

Office of Services

Lisa Hinchliffe

Jen-Chien Yu (non-voting)

Beth Woodard



Liaisons and Affiliates: 

Residence Hall Libraries

Gretchen Madsen

Division Coordinator

Susan Avery, Aug 2013-May 2014

FRC Representative:

Mary Mallory, 12/1/2012 - 11/20/2015.

CDC Representative:

Jenny Emanuel, 8/2010-8/2014 (2nd term)

CPS Advisory Committee:

Merinda Hensley, 8/2012-8/2014

Lisa Hinchliffe, 8/2012-8/2014

Kathleen Kern, 8/2013-8/2015

Beth Woodard, 8/2013-8/2015








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