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Article I.  Name  

These are Bylaws of the Faculty of the Central Public Services Division of the Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Article II.  Purpose and Superceding Authority

These Bylaws are a supplement to and are mandated by the Bylaws of the Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and are intended to provide a framework for the effective conduct of Central Public Services Division activities.  In case of conflict, the Library Bylaws and University of Illinois Statues will prevail.


Article III.  Membership

The Central Public Services division shall consist of all those persons appointed in the following Units who fulfill the requirements of membership in the Library faculty as defined in Article III, Section 1, of the Library Bylaws: Business Information Services, Central Access Services, Government Information Services,  Reference, Research and Scholarly Services, the Undergraduate Library, the University Laboratory High School Library, and any other faculty appointed to the division. 
1.         Each CPS faculty member shall have one vote and are eligible for membership on Division committees. 
2.         Visiting faculty and Academic Professionals are considered non-voting members of the Division.
3.         The Library Staff Steering Committee representative is a non-voting member of the Division.
4.         Persons appointed to positions as Acting or Interim Head of any unit in the Division are considered members of the Division for the duration of that appointment and shall have one vote.


Article IV.  Division Coordinator.

Section 1. Duties.   In addition to the duties enumerated in Article VI, section 3c of the Bylaws of the Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Division Coordinator is responsible for reporting on the discussions, deliberations, and decisions of the Library administration to the faculty of Central Public Services and for conveying the concerns of the Division to the Library administration.

Section 2.  Evaluation.   The Division Coordinator shall be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of Article VI, sec.3.C.3 of the Bylaws of the Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Article V.  Advisory Committee.  

Section 1.  Membership.   The Central Public Services Advisory Committee (CPSAC) shall consist of five members, including the Division Coordinator and four elected at-large representatives.  Of the elected members, one must be untenured, and up to two may be untenured.  Special elections shall be held as necessary to fill vacancies created by faculty on sabbatical leave or faculty resignations.

Section 2.  Method of Election.   The elected members shall be elected by a ballot of the faculty.

Section 3.  Term of Office.   Elected members shall serve staggered two-year terms.  In the first year, the two elected representatives receiving the highest number of votes shall serve two-year terms; the other two elected representatives shall serve one-year terms.

Section 4.  Meetings. There shall be at least one meeting, in person or virtually, per semester for consideration of Division policy and governance.

Section 5.  Purpose and Responsibilities. 

The CPSAC shall function as an advisory body to the Division Coordinator.  Its responsibilities include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

1.     ensure the timely discussion of policies and issues affecting the library as a whole, and Central Public Service units in particular;

2.     encourage faculty participation in formulation of Library policy and ensure that input is received from CPS staff;

3.     advise on the appointment of faculty to Central Public Services;

4.     compile names and biographies of potential external referees for CPS candidates for promotion and/or tenure, as well as names for internal referees for the same;

5.     advise on sabbatical requests from CPS faculty;

6.     conduct an evaluation of the Division Coordinator once every three years and advise the University Librarian on the appointment of the Division Coordinator;

7.     advise on the appointment of divisional representation on Library committees.

8.     develop agendas for division meetings


Article VI. Amendments to the Bylaws.

Amendments to the Bylaws are made by ballot after due notice and discussion, as provided in this article.  A proposition to amend the Bylaws must be submitted to the Faculty in writing at least ten days before a regular or special meeting called for discussion of the proposed amendment(s). Final action on a proposed amendment may be taken at the next regular or special meeting following the one at which it was introduced.  By resolution of the Faculty, an amendment introduced at a regular or special meeting may be submitted to the Faculty for final action by electronic or mail ballot.  Amendments to the Bylaws are adopted by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a properly called meeting or by electronic or mail ballot.


Revised 7/5/2006; 11/1/2012