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Illinois Bicycle Trails


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Bicycle Information Across Illinois 

League of Illinois Bicyclists : The League of Illinois Bicyclists offers bicycle maps, information on bicycle safety, and notices of statewide events.  The league also works to advocate for bike friendly road designs as well as to support trail development and classes on bicycle safety education.  There are a number of maps available online.  The site also provides information on bicycle rides and events statewide. 

Illinois Bicycle Maps and Trail Information : This link from the Illinois Department of Transportation offers a list of trails in each of the nine regions of the state.  This site also offers bike maps in digital form.   The page offers visitors the option of ordering a free printed copy of any of the nine bike maps available.  

Illinois Bicycle Clubs : This site offers visitors links to over one hundred bicycle clubs across the state.  Many of the clubs have email contacts and phone numbers for additional information.  

TakeTheBike.com: This is a mobile site with biking information that is to be used by cyclists while on the road. 


Chicago and Cook County

(CMAP) Chicago Metroplitan Agency for Planning Bicycle and Pedestrian Program : Formed in 2005, CMAP integrates planning for land use and transportation in the seven counties of northeastern Illinois. CMAP strives to make bicycle travel safe as well as working toward  making the region accessible to people with disabilities.  CMAP also encourages subdivision design that provides connectivity between jobs, housing, schools, and parks. 


Champaign County

Urbana Bicycle Plan : "The City of Urbana contracted with the Champaign Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study (CUUATS) to develop a Bicycle Master Plan for the City."

City of Urbana Bicycle Master Plan (September 2007 Update) : The City of Urbana is in the midst of creating a master plan for bicyclists.  To make bicycle use more effective for Urbana residents a number of policy suggestions may be implemented in 2008.  To read a copy of the current report (30 pages) please select the link above.  The bicycle plan proposed map as of December is included below.  

City of Urbana Bicycle Master Plan Proposed Map (12-04-2007)

Prairie Cycle Club: Based in Champaign County, the Prairie Cycle Club (PCC) was formed in 1971 as a local not-for-profit group to organize and coordinate bicycle events. PCC serves the needs of all types of bicyclists including recreational riders, touring cyclists, long distance riders, commuters, racers, and ultra marathon competitors.


Bicycle Safety in Illinois

Bicycle Safety from University Police, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Division of Public Safety.

Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road  This booklet from the Illinois Traffic Safety Division provides bicyclists the information needed to stay safe while sharing the road with motorists.

Bicycle Safety Brochure from the Illinois State Police.

Driver Education Video and Lesson on motorist-bicyclist safety from the League of Illinois Bicyclists.