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Evert Kincaid Collection -- Letters, Speeches, Typescripts

(in chronological order)

Title/Subject Author Date Notes
"Chicago Plans for Its Future" H. Evert Kincaid Circa 1943 Extra copy of illustrations and graphs
"Chicago Plans for Its Future – A Review of Progress on the Comprehensive City Plan for Chicago" Evert Kincaid July 17, 1945 This presentation was made at the Meeting of the Executive Staff of Marshall Field & Company
Letter to Evert Kincaid about housing construction in Chicago T. T. McCrosky December 13, 1946 McCrosky was Executive Director of Greater Boston Development Committee, Inc.
Letters about the Chicago Plan Commission's "Woodlawn – A Study in Community Conservation" presentation Evert Kincaid, Donald Murphey and Lyndon H. Lesch December 27, 1946 - January 14, 1947 Includes invitation to "Woodlawn – A Study in Community Conservation" and a list of guests
"Urban Redevelopment" H. Evert Kincaid June 5, 1947 Two copies
Telegrams and letters about position of Director of Planning for San Mateo Evert Kincaid and Arthur Sullivan, San Mateo City Manager May, 1958 -
June, 1958
Includes biographical data and assessment of Evert Kincaid
"Looking Forward" Outline of speech given by Evert Kincaid before the San Mateo - Burlingame Board of Realtors December 8, 1958 Includes handwritten commentary from Evert Kincaid's son, Bruce Kincaid
"A Look at San Mateo - Twenty-Five Years from Now" Speech by Arthur B. Sullivan, San Mateo City Manager 1959 Includes handwritten commentary from Evert Kincaid
"A Look at Proposed Plans and Zoning for the City of San Mateo" Evert Kincaid June 2, 1959 Two copies, includes proposed Zoning Ordinance Summary Sheet for San Mateo, California
"Los Prados – San Mateo, California" Evert Kincaid August 15, 1960 Prepared at the request of the Urban Land Institute, Washington, D.C.
"Proposed General Plan – City of San Mateo and Environs" Outline of speech given by Evert Kincaid before the San Mateo Rotary Club November 29, 1962 Includes comical drawing of one man poking another man with a rotary pin