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Evert Kincaid Collection -- Photographs

(in chronological order)

Description Date Notes
Photograph of Evert Kincaid Circa 1943-1944 --
Photograph of A.H. Mellinger, Chairman of Chicago Planning Commission and Edward J. Kelly, Mayor, looking at Evert Kincaid's revised plan for Chicago March 7, 1945 --
Photograph of Aubrey Mellinger, Chairman of Chicago Planning Commission 1946 --
20 Kodachrome photographs taken of Chicago and suburbs by Chicago Aerial Survey Company October 25-26, 1944 Stored in cardboard box from Eastman Kodak Company
12 black and white photographs related to Evert Kincaid and the Chicago Plan Commission Circa 1950-1953 Includes photographs of ground-breaking ceremonies, unidentified buildings, committee members, aerial photographs of Park Forest, Illinois
7 black and white photographs of the scale-models used by Chicago Plan Commission -- Stored in manila envelope
"Chicago Checks Checks" -- Two copies, clipping is from an unidentified magazine and shows a woman modeling a wool suit in front of the Chicago Plan Commission maps
Photograph of palm trees and Spanish-style stone building with two figures walking in front -- Possibly this photo comes from Kincaid's years in San Mateo, California