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Evert Kincaid Collection -- Brochures

(in chronological order)

Title/Subject Author Date Notes
"Facing the Future with the Chicago Plan Commission" Chicago Plan Commission December, 1941 Two copies
"Chicago Tomorrow – An Interpretation of the Preliminary Comprehensive City Plan" Chicago Plan Commission Circa 1946 Two copies
"Your City Plan Begins with Your Neighborhood" Chicago Plan Commission Circa 1947 --
"Chicago in Brief" Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry, Domestic Commerce Department Circa 1948 --
"Park Forest – A New Design for Better Living" American Community Builders, Inc. -- --
"Subdivision Design" Evert Kincaid and Associates Circa 1955 Three copies, gives information about the services of Evert Kincaid & Associates, Inc.
Evert Kincaid and Associates Announce Expansion and Relocation of their Offices Evert Kincaid and Associates April, 1957 --
"Toward New Horizons – Chicago and Its Suburbs Plan Together" Metropolitan Housing and Planning Council December, 1957 --
"Evert Kincaid and Associates, Inc. – Lawrence, Treichel, Baughman, Walker" Evert Kincaid and Associates Circa 1959 This is a brochure explaining the services and background of Evert Kincaid & Associates, Inc.
A.P. Giannini Branch, Bank of America, San Mateo, California -- Circa 1963 Includes invitation to A.P. Giannini Branch Open House on March 11, 1963
Pilgrim Plaza (Retirement Apartment Residence), San Mateo, California -- -- Includes invitation to Pilgrim Plaza dedication ceremony (March 20)