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Welcome to the City Planning and Landscape Architecture Collection located located in the Funk Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Library (Funk ACES Library) at 200 ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center, MC-633, 1101 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana 61801, (217) 333-2416.

The collection serves the departments of Urban & Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture, as well as the students and faculty in various disciplines of economics (Business and Economics Library), geography (Map and Geography Library), civil engineering (Grainger Engineering Library Information Center), political science (Education and Social Science Library), sociology (Education and Social Science Library), natural history (Natural History Survey Library), architecture (Architecture and Art Library), leisure studies (Applied Health Sciences Library) and environmental studies.

Considered one of the most interdisciplinary collections in the Library, the unit collects in the areas of land-use policy, environmental planning and law, waste management, low-cost community housing and community services, demographics, historic preservation, landscape design, ecology, third-world planning issues, local government, tourism, and many other facets of city planning and landscape architecture.

The collection is particularly well-known for its historical holdings. The landscape architecture component of the collection began with the founding of the University of Illinois in 1867; the city planning component began in 1913, when the country's first professor of city planning, Charles M. Robinson, joined the faculty. A small City Planning and Landscape Architecture Library was located in Mumford Hall from 1924 until 2008, when the collection and services were merged with the Funk ACES Library.

Today, the collection contains more than 150,000 volumes, more than 20,000 of which can be found in the Funk ACES Library, and more than 100,000 of which can be found in the main bookstacks or Rare Book and Special Collections Library. The unit adds 800-900 new monographs annually. Approximately 200 current periodical titles are also in the collection. Non-print materials, such as slide sets and videocassettes, can be found in the Undergraduate Library Media Center.


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